7 First Date Makeup Dos and Don'ts to Remember ...

If you’re going on a first date, chances are you’re super nervous and might could use a few first date makeup tips to help you out. Going on a date is fun, exciting and should be a fun experience for you. Yes, you’ll have the jitters, but that’s totally normal. First impressions count, so to be sure you get your makeup right, let me give you a few pointers in this department. I used to work for Estee Lauder and was a makeup stylist for a modeling company once, and I learned I was making many of the mistakes myself! Check out these first date makeup tips and next time you get all dolled up for your date, you can be sure your makeup is perfect for your special night!

1. Don't Go Heavy on the Eye Shadow

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If you love your eye shadow like I love mine, then pick a light matte that matches your outfit. Light makeup is essential on a first date. Eye shadow may make your eyes pop, but just like the cat eyes, wait for another night that is NOT the first date.

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