Makeup Mistakes to Watch out for That Are Making You Look Tired ...

Chances are you don't get enough sleep every night of the week. Many women are lacking on shut eye, which can cause tons of issues. It leads to an increase in appetite, stress and can play havoc on how you look. If you're like me, you probably use makeup to cover up your late night, but you could be doing it all wrong. Don't worry - I was too. Here are some mistakes that could leave you looking more sleepy than you really are. Avoid them and you'll look well rested in no time. While you're at it, hit the sack early tonight. Your body will thank you tomorrow.

1. You're Using the Wrong Concealer under Your Eyes

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Tiredness often makes itself known in the form of bags under your eyes and maybe some dark circles too. Wearing the wrong concealer only makes the situation worse. Anything too light or too dark won't look natural. Make sure you apply your concealer in a well lit place so you can get it completely blended in. Also, make sure you're using one that matches your skin tone.

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