Expert Tips to Look like You're Not Wearing Makeup ...


Expert Tips to Look like You're Not Wearing Makeup ...
Expert Tips to Look like You're Not Wearing Makeup ...

I do love a good red lippie, but there are also days when I want to look like an all-natural beauty while still camouflaging my (many) skin sins. How do I achieve a no-makeup look, even though I'm wearing makeup? These are my secrets.

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Brows, Baby!

hair, facial expression, face, person, eyebrow, Carefully groomed brows can go a long way for a girl who wants a polished look without loads of makeup. Tweeze them, then spray hairspray on a brow brush and brush them up, or use a naturally-tinted brow gel to keep them tame and on point.


Tint It

hair, eyebrow, face, cheek, nose, I love tinted moisturizer or CC (or BB) cream. As long as they're the right shade, they'll keep your skin looking dewy and fresh, without anyone knowing you're wearing any makeup at all.



hair, face, black hair, hairstyle, beauty, I'm not talking nails — I'm talking lips! Use a gentle lip exfoliant (I love the brown sugar line by Fresh) to keep your lips looking and feeling smooth and slightly plumped... and totes kissable, too.


More about That...

hair, black hair, face, hairstyle, nose, While we're talking lips, rather than wear a sticky, noticeable gloss, opt for a barely-there lip plumper, like Too Faced's Lip Injection Extreme. You'll get full, pouty bee-stung lips, and still maintain your natural look.


Browns Are Best

eyebrow, hair, face, facial expression, lip, Mascara, eyeliner and shadow are all best in brown (or at least neutrals) when you're going for a bare-faced look. Apply with a light hand and blend well, then blend some more. Also, if you notice clumping or flaking in your mascara, pitch it and try again, because nothing says "LOOK AT MY MAKEUP" like clumpy lashes. Ick!


Speaking of Blending

hair, face, eyebrow, cheek, nose, If you do opt for concealer, make sure you're (a) using the right shade for you and (b) that you're blending it well. That perfectly visible line of demarcation between your jawline and neckline in Bronze Beige #3 is another "I'm wearing makeup today" giveaway. Blend! Blend like it's your job!


I'm Blushing!

eyebrow, face, hair, cheek, nose, If you're wearing bronzer or blush, blend that too, and apply with a very light hand, only where you'd normally flush from exercise (like the apples of your cheeks, tip of your chin, and across your brow). Choose a matte finish, nothing with shimmer.


Sexy Specs

eyewear, hair, vision care, glasses, face, I know when I'm not wearing a lot of makeup, sometimes I'll swap my usual contacts for cute frames instead. They still draw attention to your eyes, and you'll be getting genuine compliments all day, without having to use up your good eyeliner.


Don't Forget

hair, eyebrow, face, person, nose, Even though you're not wearing much makeup, be sure to cleanse it all away at the end of the day. I quick wipe with a Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cloth, or just warm water on a clean washcloth, should make clean up a snap.

Do you have any other fresh-faced "I'm not wearing makeup" makeup tips to share?

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