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Beauty Bloggers Are Flocking to This Feather Eyebrows Trend ...

By Sheila

Only on Instagram can a joke grow into a full-blown trend! I'm pretty sure you've all come across feather eyebrows in the recent past. As the name suggests, feather eyebrows pretty much look like feathers (or some sort of creepy insect) on your face. The best part is that makeup genius Stella Sironen originally uploaded a picture of her "new brow trend" as a joke. But in the true spirit of today's internet and much to Stella's surprise, other artists and enthusiasts actually started recreating this look. Thus was born the #featherbrows. If you're wondering how to recreate this unique look, check out this video:

If you're still on the fence about this look, check out these pictures.













So, what do you think ladies. Wearable or better left to editorials and runway shows?

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