Beauty Bloggers Are Flocking to This Feather Eyebrows Trend ...


Beauty Bloggers Are Flocking to This Feather Eyebrows Trend ...
Beauty Bloggers Are Flocking to This Feather Eyebrows Trend ...

Only on Instagram can a joke grow into a full-blown trend! I'm pretty sure you've all come across feather eyebrows in the recent past. As the name suggests, feather eyebrows pretty much look like feathers (or some sort of creepy insect) on your face. The best part is that makeup genius Stella Sironen originally uploaded a picture of her "new brow trend" as a joke. But in the true spirit of today's internet and much to Stella's surprise, other artists and enthusiasts actually started recreating this look. Thus was born the #featherbrows. If you're wondering how to recreate this unique look, check out this video:

If you're still on the fence about this look, check out these pictures.

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Feather eyebrows have swiftly taken the beauty world by storm, with bloggers everywhere showcasing their unique, feathery creations. If you're daring enough to try this unconventional trend, know that it isn't just about the look - it’s an expression of one's individuality and creativity. To achieve this whimsical style, one must delicately comb their brow hairs into a central part, creating the illusion of a feather. It's a statement that goes beyond daily makeup routine, morphing an ordinary look into absolute artistry. This trend proves that when it comes to beauty, the only limit is your imagination.




The feather eyebrows trend literally takes its inspiration from the light, wispy quality of feathers. Beauty aficionados are brushing their eyebrow hairs into a split, quill-like shape, resembling a bird's prized plumage. This unique style has been met with divided opinions, but it hasn't stopped daring souls from experimenting with this bold and distinctive look. Whether you love it or loathe it, feathered brows are soaring high in the beauty community, marking a whimsical departure from traditional grooming.



The eyebrow has long been a pivotal feature of expressive makeup looks, and now the latest twist has beauty enthusiasts in a flurry. Instagram is abuzz with close-up shots of brows styled to mimic the delicate and whimsical structure of feathers. This trend, while certainly not for the faint-hearted, requires a steady hand and an adventurous spirit. By parting the brow hairs down the middle and setting them in place with a strong hold gel, makeup mavens are achieving the soft, plume-like effect that has added a whole new dimension to their facial canvas.









So, what do you think ladies. Wearable or better left to editorials and runway shows?

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Wth ! Its scary

The woman who first did this did it as a joke. She didn't seriously think it would become a trend

OMG! Fugly and ridiculous.

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