How to Spot Fake Vs. Designer Makeup for Girls Wanting to Make Sure It's Legit ...


How to Spot Fake Vs. Designer Makeup for Girls Wanting to Make Sure It's Legit ...
How to Spot Fake Vs. Designer Makeup for Girls Wanting to Make Sure It's Legit ...

Looking for a good deal on your favorite designer makeup is never a bad thing! Good quality makeup is expensive, after all, and saving a little cash wherever possible is always on our minds. But be careful with good deals though, it's possible your purchase could be a knock-off version of the real thing! If you're interested in knowing if your recent or future purchase is a fake or the real deal, keep reading!

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Price Point

finger, pink, nail, beauty, lip, One of the best ways to spot fake designer makeup is an extremely low price point. If your product is marked down by 50% or more, it's probably fake! It's hard to pass up a good deal when you see one, but just keep in mind that designer makeup almost never retails for that cheap!


Designer brands maintain strict pricing policies to uphold their product's value and exclusivity. So, when you stumble upon an unbelievable bargain for a high-end makeup item, consider it a red flag. Legitimate sales may happen occasionally but will rarely slash prices to such an extent. More often than not, authorized retailers and official online stores offer modest discounts or special promotions rather than drastic markdowns. Always question the authenticity of a luxury cosmetic being sold for a fraction of its standard retail price.



finger, font, advertising, hand, nail, The packaging is a dead giveaway when spotting a real vs. fake makeup item! Cheap materials are light-weight, poorly constructed, and may have additional items--like applicators--that don't come in a legitimate designer product. The best way to determine the difference is to physically see and compare a real designer product to a potential fake. Once you know how they're supposed to be packaged, it's easy to spot the difference!


Where You Bought It

lip, beauty, lipstick, cosmetics, eye, The third most relevant way to tell the difference between a fake and real designer makeup product, is where you got it from! EBay, Amazon, and independent sellers are notorious for selling knock-off products for an extremely low price. Notice if the product is shipping from China, which is another dead give away. The only way to guarantee you're getting the real deal is to make your purchases from legitimate retailers, like Sephora or Ulta!



hair, human hair color, blond, black hair, beauty, Designer products have a specific texture that reveals its quality. Buttery shadows, creamy foundation, opaque lip products, etc, are all markers of a quality product. How does the texture compare to a product you know is real? If the shadows are powdery and have little color pay off, they're probably fake!



face, cheek, eye, face powder, organ, Along with texture, look at the consistency of your product. Is it thin, does it have little coverage or seem uneven in texture overall? The product itself should also be consistent in the packaging and how it's placed in a palette or container.


Look at the Details

face, eye, organ, face powder, eye shadow, In all honesty, it's easy to see a fake product by just taking the time to look at all the details. I can tell right away the quality of a product by just holding it in my hand and giving it a quick once-over! Check the writing, the labels, the hinges, and how it was shipped to you. These are all obvious indicators. Sometimes however, knock-offs can be made to look nearly identical to the real thing so it's best to fall back on its price and where you got it from!


How Does It Smell?

, If you open the product, how does it smell? If the packaging has a strong chemical odor and if the product itself smells funky or just "off", run far, far away from it! Don't even consider using it on your face. Many fake products contain toxins like lead, mercury, arsenic, cyanide, and even human urine and rat droppings! It's just not worth it.

The primary danger with buying a fake product, especially a makeup product that you apply to sensitive areas on you're face and near your eyes, is the sketchy ingredient list! All sorts of nasty chemicals might be in those fake products and the risk you take by using them far outweighs any money you might have saved by buying them! Just skip it, and go to a legitimate retailer.

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