8 Makeup Primers without Silicone ...

There are tons of benefits to finding makeup primers without silicone, especially if you have oily skin! Oily skin does not play well with silicone, so if you are still looking for that special makeup primer that will leave your skin looking beautiful and glowing, I've got a list for you! This list is all of my favorite makeup primers without silicone that really work wonders and will hold onto your makeup beautifully!

1. Lorac AquaPRIME Oil Free Makeup Primer

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The very first of my many makeup primers without silicone is all about Lorac. This brand is one of my favorites and this makeup primer is amazing. It's actually water-based, so you won't be adding any additional oil to your skin at all! It's super lightweight, colorless and it's a gel, so it feels cool going on!

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