7 Makeup Tips for Sensitive Skin That Work like Magic ...


7 Makeup Tips for Sensitive Skin That Work like Magic ...
7 Makeup Tips for Sensitive Skin That Work like Magic ...

Do you need makeup tips for sensitive skin? It can be difficult to find makeup that works for you when your skin seems to react so easily. But there are ways to minimise the problems that cosmetics cause. Try these makeup tips for sensitive skin and you can be a perfect beauty …

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Mineral Cosmetics

Mineral Cosmetics One of the best makeup tips for sensitive skin is to try out mineral cosmetics. There are lots of ranges now available for all pockets - if you're on a budget, eyeslipsface do a mineral foundation for just $5. The beauty (no pun intended) of mineral products is that they don't contain any nasty ingredients like parabens and preservatives, which often cause problems.



Testers It's a good idea for women with sensitive skin to try out a product before committing to buying it. It's so annoying when you find a product you love, but you end up wasting your money because you react to it. Go to a cosmetics counter and ask to test the products. If there are samples available, you can take them home and try them out. Make sure that she uses clean tools and that no one has touched the testers with their fingers.



Ingredients It's hard to know exactly which ingredients are the cause of your sensitive skin. It could even be a combination of them. But some ingredients are more likely to cause a reaction on sensitive skin. Avoid products containing sodium lauryl sulphate, preservatives and fragrances, which are the cause of many problems. It may even be down to certain essential oils.


Choose Your Range

Choose Your Range Your best bet may be a specialist range of makeup aimed at those with sensitive skin. Look for hypoallergenic products and those that have been dermatologically tested. Unfortunately that doesn't guarantee that your sensitive skin won't react to any product with these labels; you still need to test them out, but it's a good start.


Discard Old Products

Discard Old Products It's tempting to keep products until you've used every last remaining scrap, either because you hate throwing away unused contents or because you love the product so much. But this could cause problems even in skin that isn't sensitive, so don't risk provoking a reaction. Check how long you should keep each product; it's common now to find an expiry date on makeup.


Fewer Ingredients

Fewer Ingredients Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients on the packaging of your makeup and wondered how such a small product can have so many things in it? The problem for women with sensitive skin is that the greater the number of products, the greater the chance that one of them will cause a reaction. Look for makeup with simpler formulations.


Special Occasions

Special Occasions Finally, if you're going to be attending a special event, don't leave it until then to test out new products. You don't want your sensitive skin to show at a wedding or party that it doesn't like your new foundation. Try the product out in advance, leaving long enough to show if it causes a reaction or not.

It may take a lot of trial and error until you find a range that works for you. Or you may have to mix and match products from different ranges. But even sensitive skin can wear makeup, as long as you choose carefully. What is your most annoying makeup problem?

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Works wonders

@SelenaSchmidt you might want to try some products for minor eczema. in the winter time my skin gets super dry and that's just what i do! hope this helps! Oh and I have extra sensitive skin also (i cant use half the hypo-allergenic products ive bought.), so I totally understand how hard it is to find good products on a budget.

Thats for dry n flaky skin

Coconut oil mixd wi sugar an use 2 to 3x week and see th differnc in a week

Same here n i tot i was the only one with troubled skin... Some of hypoallergics suit me.. But the ultracalming line frm dermalogica works wonders for me.try it

My skin is super dry and sensitive to when i put make up on it shows all my peeling skin and it looks cakey I just bought the makeup forever hd foundation hopefully it works considering I usually pay 25 not 40$ for foundations

I had dry skin but since started using No7 day cream, night cream and th face wash my skin is glowing

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