7 Makeup Tips for Those Who Wear Glasses ...


7 Makeup Tips for Those Who Wear Glasses ...
7 Makeup Tips for Those Who Wear Glasses ...

Not everyone is able to or even wants to switch from wearing glasses to having contacts. Many people are perfectly happy with their glasses, but could use some makeup tips to make life a bit easier for them. Here are 7 makeup tips for those who wear glasses. Your appearance is altered when you put on a pair of glasses. These tips will give you some ideas on how to work around these necessities.

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Groom Eyebrows Now and then

You don’t have to go all out and wax your eyebrows until they disappear. However, a set of well-groomed eyebrows can enhance your appearance. Take out some of the middle of that uni-brow to keep it from blending with your frames or thin out the bushy sections of your eyebrows to keep them from getting caught in the hinges on the ear pieces of your glasses.


Darken Lips when You Have Thick Frames

Balance often plays a huge part in a person’s appearance. If your eye makeup is dark and the frames of your glasses are thick, then apply a dark shade of lipstick to keep the balance. The vice versus is also true; light makeup and thin frames look more balanced on your face if you apply a light shade of lipstick or lip gloss.


Coordinate Makeup with Your Eyeglass Frames

I have a few friends who own 3 or 4 different pairs of glasses. They will match the color of their makeup with their frames and it looks great! It’s just like matching shoes and a handbag to go with your outfit. When things coordinate with one another, the effect is fantastic.


Use a Good Concealer for Dark Circles

The frames of your glasses often set right along the area where dark circles appear when you lack sleep. Due to the position of the frames, these dark areas are much more noticeable. Be sure to use a concealer that covers this area thoroughly to keep the circles from looking darker than they actually are.


Avoid Powder Makeup when Possible

Makeup products which come in powder form are more likely to attach themselves to your glasses. Using liquid foundation and eye shadow will give you a smooth appearance and you won’t have to worry about a powdery residue forming over your lenses.


Don’t Apply Makeup Too Thick

It’s easy to slather on the makeup when you don’t have your glasses on and to overdo it. Apply a small amount and put your glasses on to see what you look like. If you have extremely poor vision, you might want to invest in a magnifying mirror so you can actually see what you are doing when you have your glasses off. Large amounts of eyeliner and mascara are usually magnified once you put your glasses on. It will look like you are getting ready for a Halloween party instead of simply applying makeup.


Ditch the Eye Shadow when You’re in a Hurry

The upper portion of a pair of glasses often covers the eyelid, so you can shorten the time it takes to apply your makeup by skipping the addition of eye shadow. Use eyeliner on the upper and lower lid to make your eyes more noticeable and no one will know you aren’t wearing eye shadow.

Even if you only wear glasses part of the time, I’m sure you’ll find at least a couple of these 7 makeup tips for those who wear glasses to be very useful. What are some makeup tips you think eyeglass wearers could use?

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I wear these thick rimmed red-pink glasses and picking an eyeshadow color to compliment them is hard af,I don't know what shades to wear so I usually just skip and wear thick eyeliner instead

Number 6 is the complete opposite. If you have heavy eye makeup and heavy frames you want a light lip color to balance the face. If you have a neutral eye and thin frames go for a bold lip.

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