7 Quick Make-up Fixes for a Tired Face ...


7 Quick Make-up Fixes for a Tired Face ...
7 Quick Make-up Fixes for a Tired Face ...

Late nights, long days, midweek parties and über early mornings: the stresses of a hectic lifestyle inevitably take their toll. We can’t all be fresh faced and perky all of the time, but luckily they invented makeup to help us out with that! Here’s a few handy hints on how to get your glow back ….

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Clean Slate

Ladies, I’ll say it once because I’m sure you’d never dream of trying to revive yesterday’s look: Please, remove your make up from the night before. Nothing and I mean n-o-thing, can bring that flaky smudged mascara back to life. Clean it off, towel dry, let your skin breathe, and prepare to start afresh in the morning.


Easy Tiger

It goes without saying that tired skin needs moisture, so before you do anything else apply an intense hydrating cream to your freshly washed face. When you get round to the make up, remember, less is more. Tired features tend to look heavy to start with: eyes are dark and shadowed, lips are dry and raw. Your job isn’t to hide your exhaustion under inches of face paint – you'll just end up looking like a Tim Burton villain. Instead, you need to restore some of that healthy sparkle that’s slipped away in the night. And trust me girls, the black kohl pencil isn’t going to help with that!


Vicious Circles

Key to refreshing your less-than-perky look is eliminating those dark bags that have collected under your eyes. Again, a light touch is crucial here girls and so, for that matter, is a creamy concealer. Be sure the shade’s not too pale: you don’t want panda face. Go for something with a little yellow in it. The tint will counteract the shadows and have you looking lively in no time at all.


The Light Fantastic

Girls, do yourselves a favour and get a good illuminator. Believe me, you’ll use it every single day. Tinted cream highlighters are about the best – just make sure the one you pick isn’t too sparkly. They’re great for defining brow and cheek bones and will banish bleariness from a tired face in seconds.


Ultra Violet Eyes

Ladies, I don’t know why this works, but trust me it does. Apply a dab of pale purple shadow to the centre of your lid and watch your drooping peepers transform back into the bright sparkly eyes. Go for a cream product if possible, and one that’s a little translucent. Powders tend to rub off and matte down, and this destroys that fab fresh effect.


Light Liner

Instead of black or brown liner, which will pick up sallow tones in your skin, slide a white pencil along you lower lid. Your eyes will instantly look clear, wider and more defined.


Lip Service

Tired, dehydrated lips don’t do well under lipstick: in fact, the only thing worse than raw chapped skin, is raw, chapped skin that’s coloured ‘Passion Peach.’ To avoid this unfortunate scenario, simply stick with a lip balm. Find something soothing and ultra hydrating (teatree based products work very well) and apply regularly to revitalise your worn-out pout.

Got any great make-up/wake-up tips you’d like everyone to hear? Don’t be selfish! Share the love … I love collecting make-up tips!

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