7 Things Needed to Make Smoky Eyes ...

Sexy black, natural, earthy brown or cool colorful or metallic effect- playing with different smoky eye techniques can be a lot of fun! Practice makes it perfect, of course, but before you start practicing, you’ll need to get all the things needed to make smoky eyes. So, let me start by listing the tools and makeup you’ll need for the basic, grayish black, party smoky eye look:

1. Beauty in a Box Smoky Eye Palette

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Price: $25.00 at sephora.com
If the world of makeup is still relatively new and unexplored territory for you, you might want to start by getting an eyeshadow palette designed to make the process of creating smoky eyes much easier. I’ve chosen this one because it has everything you’ll need, plus a detailed instruction you might find very useful.

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