7 Steps to a Perfect Pout ...


Lipstick is one of the fundamentals in most women’s beauty arsenal, and while it’s easy to simply slick it on, it does come with a host of complicating problems. It flakes, dries, seeps and can smudge easily; it gets onto drinking glasses and teeth (the horror!), and can transfer itself onto the cheeks of people you’re kissing ‘hello.’ In short, lipstick isn’t quite as simple as it initially appears, and to help you to keep yours in place and looking fab, I’ve put together a list of 7 steps to the perfect pout.

1. A Good Maintenance Routine

Lipstick looks best on healthy, smooth lips. In order to ensure that yours are in great condition, it’s important that you frequently apply a good-quality, nourishing balm. Find something with a built in SPF, and, if you can, opt for a product with added Vitamin E as well.

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