7 Makeup Tricks to Slim Your Face ...


7 Makeup Tricks to Slim Your Face ...
7 Makeup Tricks to Slim Your Face ...

If you have a round face and are constantly looking for makeup tricks to slim your face it can be so hard to find all of the right ones! I have a super round face and I'm constantly on the hunt for makeup tricks to slim my face but it took me so long to find the right makeup combination and the right way to apply it all. So girls, I've taken my knowledge of slimming my own face and I'm now going to share! Below are my top 7 makeup tricks to slim your face that totally work!

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Contour with Foundation

Contouring is always going to be key when you are trying to slim your face girls. This makeup trick to slim your face is essential if you really want the illusion that your face isn't round, but instead that it is more oval. What will you need to contour? A shade lighter than your actual skin tone and a foundation that is an exact match.


Make Your Eyebrows Proportional

Do you not think that your eyebrows have anything to do with slimming your face? They do! One makeup trick to slim your face is all about making your eyebrows super proportional to your face and making them look beautiful. You don't want your eyebrows to be too thin or too thick – trust me, that can be disastrous!


Highly Arched Eyebrow

While you are grooming up your eyebrows, why not add in that high arch to your eyebrows? This makeup trick to slim your face will absolutely give the illusion that your eyes are larger and that your face is much slimmer than it might typically be. High arches girls, think about it!


Apply Eyeshadow & Liner in an Outward Motion

When you are applying your eyeshadow and even your liner, make sure that you are using an outward motion to do it. You might not think that it makes a difference, but the motion in which you use the brush does make a difference. I tried this makeup trick to slim my face and it totally worked and made my eyes stand out beautifully!


Apply Bronzer to the Hollows of Your Cheeks

If you aren't using bronzer right now, you've got to start! This makeup trick to slim your face will not only give you that summer glow, but it'll absolutely make sure that your face looks so much slimmer than it is right now. Just a little bronzer along the hollows of your cheeks and you'll see a world of difference girls!


Highlight the Tops of Your Cheekbones

Speaking of your cheeks girls, adding a bit of highlighter to the tops of your cheeks is a great way to really even them out and make your face appear so much slimmer! I use just a shade lighter of my foundation to really highlight my cheeks and make them stand out. It totally works!


No Circular Motions

Finally, if your face is round, you don't want to make your brush movements round too! Instead, apply sweeping motions and always make sure that it is done outwardly. This can be your bronzer, your blush, your eyeshadow and even your powder. Keep away from circular motions!

So girls, there you have it, all of my top makeup tricks to slim your face that do really, really work! So, what other makeup tricks to slim your face do you have?

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how to contour? any tutorial?

so contouring and highlighting? check. lol

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