9 Must-try Makeup Tricks to Cover Blemishes ...


9 Must-try Makeup Tricks to Cover Blemishes ...
9 Must-try Makeup Tricks to Cover Blemishes ...

There are tons of different makeup tricks to cover blemishes, but it can be hard to find a list of the top 9 that actually work. Well girls, I've taken the time and researched and found the top 9 makeup tricks to cover blemishes that really work! So all you girls out there that have blemishes, you ready to explore some makeup tricks to cover blemishes quickly and easily? Let's take a look below!

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Know Your Shade

Whenever you are looking for makeup tricks to cover blemishes, you've got to be sure that you know your shade. What that means is that you want to take your skin tone and actually match it to your concealer and also make sure that your foundation is the same shade. That way, you'll be able to cover up your blemishes in no time at all!


Yellow-Tinted Concealer

Now, a lot of you might not know, but yellow-tinted concealer can actually really help drain out any red that you have in your face! So, if you have a lot of acne that is bright red and you are looking for some makeup tips to hide it all, yellow-tinted concealer will do it for you! Just pick a shade that is close to your skin tone and make sure that it has a bit of a yellow base to it.


Dark Marks, Choose a Lighter Concealer

If you have a lot of darker marks on your face and you are also looking for some makeup tricks to cover blemishes, you want to take a concealer that is a couple shades lighter than your skin tone. Just dab it around the darker spots and you'll see just how much it lightens them up and makes them disappear!


Masking Cosmetic

Before I started to research all of the top makeup tricks to cover blemishes, I had no idea what a masking cosmetic truly was. This is actually makeup that is thicker than a concealer and has some added pigment. This is a great agent to use if you are trying to hide small scars or even some more prominent blemishes.


Concealer Brush

A lot of people actually use their fingers to hide their blemishes, but one makeup trick to cover blemishes is to invest in a concealer brush. Trust me ladies, the brush or even a sponge can actually ensure that your blemishes stay covered and can add in a bit more coverage. Give it a try and let me know how you like it!


Blend the Edges

When you are thinking about using concealer, you probably just dot it on don't you? You probably don't think about blending in the edges before you put on your foundation right? Well girls, that's a mistake! Whenever you are trying to cover up your blemishes, make sure that you are blending all of the edges, that way your blemishes won't peek through!


Circular Motion

How do you blend the edges of your concealer? Well girls, another makeup trick to cover blemishes is to use a circular motion to buff those edges out. This will actually make sure that everything is covered and all of the edges are buffed out. I love this trick girls and it isn't well-known!


Foundation Next

After you cover up all of your blemishes and buff out the edges, the next step in the makeup tricks to cover blemishes is foundation! Remember, you want to match your shade up to your skin tone, that way nobody will be able to tell you have any blemishes at all. For me, I use Dream Matte Mousse and it's one of my favorite foundations! It's super light, so airy and works beautifully on coverage!


Powder Last

Finally girls, the last makeup trick to cover blemishes that we're going to talk about is finishing everything up with a dusting of powder! Now of course, the powder again has to match your skin tone and you want to make sure that the powder never looks cakey, that's the worst!

Well girls, there you have it! My top 9 makeup tricks to cover blemishes that really work and will keep your skin looking flawless! Do you ladies have any other makeup tricks to cover blemishes that I don't know about? Give 'em up!

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That's funny...in another post on AWS about covering acne and acne scars the author says that it's best to use your fingers to apply concealer. This one says fingers are a no no. I use brushes to avoid adding oil and dirt to my face. And also yes it is green concealer that works best to cover red spots :)

I have been using dream matte mousse and i found it hard to conceal blemishes.how do you do it?

Luciana is correct! Always use green to cover red blemishes and yellow to cover purple based blemishes... also a great way to ensure it lasts all day is to set the concealer with setting powder before applying foundation. and always remember less really is more with concealer

Just some constructive criticism here: please make sure what you post is actually true. 1- GREEN-tinted concealer minimizes the redness and is indicated to conceal acne; 2- A lighter concealer is not going to cover dark spots, it's going to make them look ever more noticeable. You have to use yellow-tinted concealer to minimize the dark spots and dark circles under your eyes. Hope it helped!!

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