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How to Get Your Makeup on Fleek for a Badass Day at the Gym ...

By Holly

You don't need to apply makeup before you head to the gym, but if you feel self-conscious without it, go ahead and grab your makeup bag. Your goal is to feel as comfortable and confident as you can, so do whatever feels right for you. If you're the type of person that hates leaving the house without a little bit of makeup, here are a few tutorials for flawless gym days:

1 Sweatproof Makeup

When you go to the gym, you don't want your makeup to end up running down your face. That's why you should stick to wearing minimal makeup that looks low maintenance. Waterproof makeup is always a great idea, as well, because it will reduce your chances of it melting down your cheeks. As a bonus, this tutorial even shows you how to create a gorgeous hairstyle that's fit for the gym.

2 Minimal Makeup

The woman in this video knows that you shouldn't go crazy prepping your face for the gym, but you can still find tiny ways to make yourself look presentable. For instance, if you're embarrassed of leaving the house with your pimples and spots showing, there's nothing wrong with wearing concealer to the gym. You can put foundation on, as well. However, when it's time to do your eyes and lips, you should use natural colors that will make you appear like you aren't wearing much at all.

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3 Work, School, or Gym Makeup

Not only will this makeup routine work for the gym, but it'll also work for a casual day of work or school. You won't be putting too many products on your face, but you'll still feel fresh and fabulous throughout the day.

4 Simple and Sweet Makeup

The woman in this tutorial emphasizes the importance of doing what makes you comfortable. If you're like her and want to wear just a bit of makeup to feel more like yourself, then you can follow her tips. After she evens out her complexion, all she does is contour her cheeks, curl her lashes, darken those lashes, and applies a bit of lip balm.

5 "No Makeup" Makeup Tutorial

The woman in this tutorial will show you how to do your makeup in a way that makes you look like you're not wearing any makeup at all. She even shows you how to do your brows, because she knows how obsessed ladies in this decade are with them.

6 "No Makeup" Gym Look

Here's another tutorial that will show you how to create a "no makeup" look. Whenever the woman in this video talks about a specific product, a slide will pop up that tells you the exact name of it, so that you have an easy time finding it for yourself. There's no better way to create your shopping list for the week.

7 Gym Makeup and Outfit

This video will show you more than how to apply makeup at the gym. It'll also show you how to pick out an outfit for the gym. By the time you're done watching all of this woman's tips and tricks, you'll be in the mood to head to the gym yourself.

If you're going to wear makeup to the gym, you might as well make yourself look fabulous. Do you wear any makeup when you go to the gym or do you keep your face completely product-free?

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