8 Mascara Tips for Short Eyelashes ...


8 Mascara Tips for Short Eyelashes ...
8 Mascara Tips for Short Eyelashes ...

If you've been cursed with short lashes, it's hard to find the right mascara tips for short eyelashes isn't it? Well girls, I know the feeling of having short lashes and I'm here to give you the top 8 mascara tips for short eyelashes that will really make your eyelashes look long and beautiful! So girls, you ready to explore my top 8 mascara tips for short eyelashes to gain that length?

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Use an Eyelash Curler

First and foremost girls, you've got to use that eyelash curler! I know, I know, I hate using it too, but this mascara tip for short eyelashes works! Eyelash curlers actually will curl your eyelashes upward and make them appear longer. The trick is to use the eyelash curler before you use your mascara. Remember that!


Lengthening Mascara

Of course, the top mascara tip for short eyelashes is using lengthening mascara, but what brand really does it? Maybelline girls! I can't tell you enough how much Stiletto has helped my lashes look beautiful and stand out. The brush alone is absolutely wonderful and gets every lash coated perfectly!


Double-up on Mascara

When you find that ideal mascara, ladies, it's time to double-up! Basically, you're going to place one coat on and before your first coat dries, you'll go back over it and coat it again. You want to make sure that you do it before it dries, otherwise you'll end up with spider mascara and that won't lengthen anything!


Volumizing Mascara

Have you ever heard of volumizing mascara? Well girls, this is absolutely the key to lengthening your short eyelashes! This mascara tip for short eyelashes is all about lengthening and this mascara will keep your eyelashes curled and looking beautiful!


Brush Your Eyelashes

Okay, so I know it sounds a little weird, but if you use an eyebrow brush to comb on through your lashes before you put on your mascara, you'll see how much of a difference it makes! Not only will you get every single lash, but your lashes will look that much better!


Curved Mascara Brushes

Ladies, the mascara brush that you have inside your mascara absolutely matters! You want something that is going to be flexible and not pull your eyelashes down or coat them too heavy. This mascara tip for short eyelashes can actually help every girl!



If you don't think that your eyelashes are that long and there is no amount of mascara that can help, why not switch on over to falsies? False eyelashes are super easy to put on once you get the hang of it and I swear, they look real!


False eyelashes, or falsies, are a great way to add more length and volume to your eyelashes. They come in a variety of styles, from natural-looking to dramatic and fluttery. Applying them can take a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, they can be a great way to enhance your look.

When shopping for false eyelashes, make sure to look for ones that are made of high-quality materials. Synthetic lashes are usually the most affordable option, but they don't always look as natural as mink or human hair lashes. If you're looking for a more dramatic look, mink and human hair lashes can give you a more luxurious finish.

When applying false eyelashes, it's important to start by curling your natural lashes with an eyelash curler. This will help the false lashes blend in more easily. If you're using a strip of false lashes, use tweezers to apply them as close to your lash line as possible. Then, use a thin line of eyelash glue to secure them. If you're using individual lashes, use tweezers to dip each lash into the glue and then place them onto your lash line.


No Dense Brushes

Finally ladies, remember when I said that the mascara brush matters? Well, a dense brush can actually coat your lashes too much and weigh them down. You want a brush that is curved, flexible and going to be really loose! Try it!

There you have it girls! My top 8 mascara tips for short eyelashes that will absolutely help lengthen! What are some of your favorite mascara tips for short eyelashes? Any to share?

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I make sure that I start at the very base of my lashes and work my way up. My mascara takes the most time in my makeup routine, but the results are worth it! People always comment on my lashes and ask if they are fake. Without mascara, I have thin lashes with blonde tips, so I am seriously into my product - try They're Real by Benefit Cosmetics...worth every penny...about $20, but lasts a long time. Good luck!! :)

Thats so funny! i have aways combed out my eye lashes... i thought that was just something i did. lol :) About Curling your eye lashes... I use my curler but all it does it like... like "crimp" my eye lashes. they dont "curl" them. so it actually makes my eye lashes appear shorter. ? is it suppose to do that or am i just doing something wrong??

thats nice. i love mascarra! :)

You should find out some permanent solution for your eyelashes. I heard about, there are some drops available in the market which helps to grow eyelashes.

I agree about curling your eyelashes. Until they start to break off. That's what mine did and a year or so of curling mine every day. They started breaking off where the curl was most noticeable. And I'm still having trouble making them grow. :/ It works, but be very careful!

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