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8 Marvelous Makeup Tips for Oval Faces ...

By Heather

Hey all you oval faced girls out there, are you looking for the right makeup tips for oval faces? Well, I've got them ladies! I've got all of the makeup tips for oval faces that really work and that will make your beautiful shape really stand out! Whether it is the color scheme that you need to look for or what makeup to avoid, these makeup tips for oval faces are tips that will make you look beautiful!

Table of contents:

  1. Highlight lips
  2. Highlight eyes
  3. More lip liner on bottom lip than top
  4. Avoid a lot of blush
  5. Soft pinks for blush color
  6. Soft colored eyeshadows
  7. Consider your skin tone
  8. Think about eye color

1 Highlight Lips

The very first makeup tips for oval faces that we're going to talk about is highlighting your lips! What you don't want to do though, is highlight your lips and your eyes at the same time, that's too much. So ladies, if you are going out for the night and want to look hot, just do up your lips just right and dim down the eyes a little bit! That way your lips can stand out!

2 Highlight Eyes

In turn, if you are not going to highlight your lips, why not highlight your eyes? That way, your eyes will stand out and you won't look too over made. A simple smoky eye or even some eyeliner tricks can really do wonders for your eyes and really highlight them! So girls, go ahead and give this makeup tip for oval faces a try!

3 More Lip Liner on Bottom Lip than Top

While it might seem a little weird, my next makeup tip for oval faces is all about adding more lip liner to the bottom lip rather than the top. The reason for that is because typically your bottom lip stands out a little more and because you do want the color to last a bit longer.

4 Avoid a Lot of Blush

You might think that because your face is long, you want to add in a lot of blush to overcompensate. That's so not the truth ladies! You actually want to avoid a lot of blush when you have an oval face. That's why this is my 4th makeup tip for oval faces! So girls, lock up a lot of the blush or just use very little to make your face appear longer!

5 Soft Pinks for Blush Color

For me, it all boils down to your skin tone, but soft pinks on an oval face look beautiful! Just make sure that you take your skin tone into effect, so that you know exactly how pale you can go or how bold you can go. We're going to talk more about skin tone a little further down!

6 Soft Colored Eyeshadows

While you are deciding on soft pinks, another makeup tips for oval faces is to consider soft colored shadows. Blues, greens, pinks and even some yellows can all be in soft, soft colors that won't be as harsh or out there! These colors again, have to be taken into consideration with your skin tone.

7 Consider Your Skin Tone

Remember girls, we talked about considering your skin tone? Well!, here's your chance! Are you a fair maiden? Are you a little bronze beauty? You always want to make sure that you match up the colors of your makeup with your skin tone, that way you can find what works best for you!

8 Think about Eye Color

After the skin tone, you want to next consider the eye color! Some colors can actually clash with your eye color, so make sure that you do your research before you commit to one color! For me, green eyes with plum highlights really makes the green pop! Give it a try girls!

There you have it! My top makeup tips for an oval face that will make your shape look beautiful! So girls, what other makeup tips for an oval face do you have? What tips have you used? Willing to let us in on the secrets? Share!

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