These Elaborate Makeup Transformations Will Wow You ...


Not everyone likes to wear makeup, which is totally fine. However, some girls and guys love wearing it, and that's also cool. Some people are so talented, in fact, that they can transform themselves with cosmetics. Gifted MUAs go viral every day. I've discovered some of my favorites that way. For my money, these are the most elaborate, unbelievable transformations you'll ever see, but I'd love to see your favorites, too!

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Kat Sketch as Anna, Half Frozen

Kat Sketch is awesome and almost everything she does is awesome, but this makeup transformation is perhaps the most awesome.


The Power of Makeup

I love Nikkie so very, very much. She is stunningly beautiful, with or without makeup, as her viral video displayed. More importantly, however, there are so many powerful messages in this transformation – home truths we all need to be reminded of, I think.


Miley or Nah?

Vlogger Promise Phan, aka dope2111, has tons of amazing transformations, too, but this one's my favorite solely because I just … kind of crush on pixie-crop-Miley. Don't judge. Fair warning, also, Promise is one of my favorite MUAs, so she's probably gonna show up here, like, a lot.


From Kandee to Barbie

I can't wait until some of my favorite makeup vloggers start transforming themselves into the new diverse Barbies!


Charisma Star Becomes Maleficent

Oh, this is just so fierce.


Crazy Gorgeous Anime Makeup

Destiny Godley has some godly skills, all right.


Shalom Nchom, Who is a Gorgeous Goddess

Shalom is beautiful, this video is beautiful, and her message is beautiful. This one might make you tear up, so mind the mascara.


Kontouring like the Kardashians

I'm sorry for actually using “kontouring.” I'm better than that. We're all better than that.


This Epic Jack Sparrow Cosplay

Tell me that doesn't look like the real Jack Sparrow.


Bollywood Barbie Makeup Transformation

Tee-bee-aych, I just love everything about this look.


That Double Vision

So dope. SO DOPE. I've watched this seventy-seven thousand times and I still have to look twice at the finished product.


Promise as Bruno

This is hella fierce, right?


Easy Cover-up Magic

Melanie Murphy's video title – How to cover Acne and Scars (If You Want To) – is just as awesome as the video itself. I love that she acknowledges that there's no need to cover up scars or blemishes, you don't have to if you don't want to, and there's no reason you should feel expected to.


Mystique is in the House

Mystique is bae. (Sorry for bae.)


The Wizardry of Contouring

Thanks, Buzzfeed!


Truly Keeping up with the Kardashians

Thank Buzzfeed for this, also.



Sorry. I'm sorry. (I'm not sorry.) Make your face great again, y'all!

Makeup truly does have the power to transform. It's an art form. What's the most unbelievable transformation you've ever seen?

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These all look so cool

Omg!!! I Love It

Make up is a god send! I just love it. Not everyone needs it though. It's just fun to play& experiment!

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