7 Orange Lip Products That Are on-trend for Spring ...

As a beauty blogger, part of my job is to try and report on the latest beauty trends, but when I found out that orange lips are in this Spring, I cringed at the thought of stocking up on orange lip products. I'm glad I gave orange a chance, because I think it's a misunderstood lip colour, and there is a world of orange lipsticks, glosses, and tints to suit every skin tone! So if you're shying away from orange lips, take heart - I've compiled the boldest oranges, purest peaches, and mildest tangerines. There's bound to be something for you somewhere on this list! Here are 7 orange lip products that are on-trend for Spring!

1. Red Apple Lipstick Sunkissed Lipstick

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This light, bright true orange is beautiful on fair-skinned girls and redheads, and can be applied full force for a bold orange lip, or sheered out for a sexy stain. Gluten and paraben-free, this non-toxic lipstick looks ravishing alone or paired with Diamond Sands lip gloss, to add a nude/gold shimmer. Perfect for Summer, this is one of my go-to orange lip products!

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