Sweat-Proof Makeup Tutorials That Will See You through Summer ...

I love almost everything about summer, even the suffocating heat – but I hate what it does to my makeup. I have a corporate job, so looking perfect and polished every single day is basically part of my job description. On those days when the temperature reaches ninety degrees basically from the moment the sun comes up, I'm always left with a melting face by the time I walk from my car into the office. I know lots of you understand how real the struggle is, right? Then this is for you. These tutorials will help you out so much this summer because they're all about sweat-proof makeup!

1. All the Products You'll Need

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Now, for starters, you need to know which products will really be sweat-proof. This tutorial has a great list to get you started. Mind you, there are plenty of other products out there that guard against sweat, but this is a fantastic place to get started! What do you think?

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