Amazing Makeup Tutorials to Get That Fab Festival Look ...


Amazing Makeup Tutorials to Get That Fab Festival Look ...
Amazing Makeup Tutorials to Get That Fab Festival Look ...

Are you a fan of music festivals and looking for the perfect festival makeup tutorial? They are so great for hearing music you love as well as things you’ve never heard before. Because most music festivals have such a free spirit vibe, you can feel free to try something new when it comes to your makeup. Whether it’s colors you’ve never worn before or you want to wear more makeup than you’re used to, a ticket to a music festival is all the invitation you need. Here are some festival makeup looks that can help you get it just right.

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You’ll Be Sure to Shine with Metallic Eyes

Metallic eyes are perfect for rocking out to the music at any music festival. You’ll have enough shine to stand out and you’ll look like a rock star yourself. This video outlines how to do a lovely gold eye, but you can use the technique to do silver or bronze if you prefer those colors instead. The tutorial is easy to follow and you’ll be ready in no time. Get ready for the best festival eye makeup tutorial you've ever seen.


Remember, the secret to getting those perfect metallic eyes is all in the blend. Use a soft brush to work your chosen metallic shade across your lid and into your crease. Then, amp up the drama by adding a darker shade in the outer corners for a subtle smoky effect. Don't shy away from a bit of glitter—a light dusting on the center of your eyelid will capture the festival lights beautifully. Whether you're dancing under the sun or stars, those sparkling lids will keep all eyes on you! Pair with a nude lip to keep the focus up top.


Try a Smokey Eye for a Feminine Look

The trick to getting this look right is to go with a soft smokey eye. It’s easy to do and lets you apply a bit more makeup than you usually do so that you can be ready for Coachella or any music festival you’re going to. Use this video to get the perfect smokey eye without a ton of time or effort.


Try a Cute Face Painting Look

What better excuse for rocking your inner flower child than going to a music festival? It’s also the perfect opportunity to try some face paint that you can’t wear anywhere else. Whether it’s a great flower or a whole patch of blooms, you are going to love using this tutorial to paint a fun design right on your face. You’ll look young, beautiful and ready for anything.


Go for a Cat Eye for Drama and Vintage Vibe

If you want something dramatic and old school, a cat eye is the look you’re after. This video shows you that easy festival makeup is right at your fingertips. It will give you a look that is fresh and exciting, while also harnessing a past generation. A cat eye is pretty easy to do, but if you’ve never done it before, you need this video. In no time at all, you’ll be the loveliest girl dancing in front of the music stage.


Try Some Neon Lipstick, Just for Fun

A music festival is the perfect occasion for wearing neon lipstick. It will get you noticed in only the best way and you can use this festival makeup tutorial with just about any color that floats your boat. It’s kind of long, but it’s worth a watch because you’ll have all the tools and techniques you need to get the perfect neon lip for all your music festivals this summer.


Face Lace is Definitely the Way to Go

This is definitely a great look for a music festival and you’ll be the star of the show if you try it. It’s similar to face paint, but you end up with a lacy pattern. It looks fabulous near your eyes and will give you a festival look that will leave everyone talking. Never heard of face lace? Don’t worry. This tutorial will help you get it perfect.


Glitter Girl

Glitter is a festival essential. In this crazy glitter tutorial, you'll see how easy it is to create this look. Apply glitter around your tear duct area and outer eyes. The messier you are with glitter, the better!


Starry Night

Silver paint and silver stars make this funky festival look pop! Add extreme highlights on your collarbone, nose, and cupids bow, draw a line down your nose with makeup paint, and place silver stars under your eyes in line with your pupils and in the corner of your eyes with eyelash glue. This is one of the best Coachella makeup tutorials you'll ever find.


Peacock Feather Eyelashes

You'll be the center of attention with these fun, dramatic, and exaggerated peacock feather eyelashes! This tutorial uses bright eye shadows and teal peacock feathers attached to fake lashes. Use lash curlers to even out the feathers.


Glitter Tears

Glitter unicorn tears are trending this festival season! Keep most of the glitter up top near your eye, and as it cascades down, keep it lighter because just like tears, they mainly well up near your eyes and slowly start to stream down your face.


Rainbow Eyeshadow

Looking for a festival makeup tutorial that is colorful? Create beautiful breathtaking rainbow eyes with this video! You'll learn how to create this look as well as ensure that it will last all night long for hours and hours. Add glitter glue to your cheekbones and on your forehead near your temples. Stick on gems near your eyebrows will complete this look!


Creative Face Crown

Stand out from the crowd with this extreme festival look! Have fun with your hair and makeup with this step by step tutorial. Paint your face crown and add as much glitter and gems as you want. Finish with bright blue lipstick and two space buns and you're festival ready.

Which music festival are you going to? Which of these stunning festival makeup looks will you be rocking? Comment below!

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I love this makeup, it is also very colorful and the truth is that I am going to try to do it to wear it at carnival

Be careful with some of the tribal painting. Make sure it's your own design instead of a culture painting. Otherwise 👍🏽

Just be careful with tribal looking face paint - like the headress - it can be very offensive since it is sacred to a lot of people's religions and beliefs. Stay away from red, black and white since those are the colors mostly used, and you likely won't offend any cultures that way.

I love this makeup, it is also very colorful and the truth is that I am going to try to do it to wear it at carnival

I love Zoë Suggs festival makeup tutorial

Yeah, this whole festival makeup trend is super annoying

#5 I love this makeup I love this makeup, it is also very colorful and the truth is that I am going to try to do it to wear it at carnival

Yeah the headress is cultural appropriation :/ a feather is VERY sacred to Indian culture but cool makeup tips

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