Amazing Makeup Tutorials to Get That Fab Festival Look ...

Are you a fan of music festivals and looking for the perfect festival makeup tutorial? They are so great for hearing music you love as well as things you’ve never heard before. Because most music festivals have such a free spirit vibe, you can feel free to try something new when it comes to your makeup. Whether it’s colors you’ve never worn before or you want to wear more makeup than you’re used to, a ticket to a music festival is all the invitation you need. Here are some festival makeup looks that can help you get it just right.

1. You’ll Be Sure to Shine with Metallic Eyes

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Metallic eyes are perfect for rocking out to the music at any music festival. You’ll have enough shine to stand out and you’ll look like a rock star yourself. This video outlines how to do a lovely gold eye, but you can use the technique to do silver or bronze if you prefer those colors instead. The tutorial is easy to follow and you’ll be ready in no time. Get ready for the best festival eye makeup tutorial you've ever seen.

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