Horrid Makeup Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Immediately ...

No one is immune to making mistakes when it comes to using and wearing makeup. I’ve made plenty of them myself. Imagine light blue lipstick. Yep! I totally did that in high school. While wearing blue on your lips is an obvious makeup mistake, others aren’t so obvious. However, if you want to look the best you can, there are some mistakes you should stop making. Once you know what they are, you can do just that. So here they are!

1. You Don’t Extend Your Foundation Far Enough off Your Face

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When you apply foundation, you must extend it down your chin a little bit. If you stop right at the edge of your jawline, the difference will be too obvious. Simply smoothing just a bit under your chin helps blend your face tone with your chin and neck so that you get that flawless finish you crave. At the same time, make sure you bring your foundation along the sides of your face and up to your hairline too.

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