7 Secrets to Long Lasting Makeup ...

By Rotem

7 Secrets to Long Lasting Makeup ...

If you wear makeup, then I'm sure you already know that one of the hardest things to achieve is long lasting makeup. Getting makeup to last all day is hard with all the sweating, oiliness, and creasing. I, for one, hate when my makeup creases and skin gets oily, but what's a girl to do? I've done some homework and have some ideas to share. Here are some secrets to long lasting makeup!

1 Primer

My first tip for long lasting makeup starts with a good primer. A primer is a product, usually in the form of a cream, that you apply to your face (and eyelids). This acts as a base for your foundation and eye shadows. It will smooth out your pores and help these products apply evenly, and it makes your eye shadows more deeply pigmented. This also helps your makeup last all day!

2 Crease-less

Another tip is to use crease-less makeup products. Focus on crease-less concealers and shadows. This is because concealers crease the most under the eyes and shadows crease in the lids. Crease-less products will prevent that. A good primer and crease-less product will make the biggest difference in your makeup application!

3 Powder

It’s also very important to set makeup with a powder. Set your foundation and under eye concealer with powder. Try to tap the powder instead of swiping, as this will move the makeup! Once you tap the makeup, let it set for a while. After a few seconds, lightly swipe the powder off and voila. You're all set!

4 Setting Spray

A good setting spray is another secret to make your makeup last all day. I like to spray it before any makeup application, as well as after. This ensures extra hold! Keep a good distance between your makeup and spray, since you don’t want to melt your makeup off. I prefer applying it after my foundation routine, without any eye makeup done. This is totally up to you!

5 Blot

Another trick to keep your makeup lasting all day, is to blot. Blotting your skin throughout the day will take off the oiliness that builds up through the day. You can purchase affordable blotting sheets at any drugstore. You can also use some good ‘ole tissue paper. Both of these will work fine!

6 Keep Powdering

If you feel like you’re getting oily throughout the day, keep powdering up. Make sure to carry a small puff and powder with you wherever you go. Then just lightly apply some powder to your skin with the puff! This is a quick way to refresh your makeup and make it look like new. Do this while you reapply your lipstick or gloss in the bathroom throughout the day. Try blotting before you powder up, too!

7 Skin Care

Skin care also plays a big role in long lasting makeup. Makeup applies best to freshly cleaned and smooth skin. Washing your face in the morning and moisturizing will provide the best base for your makeup. So make sure to stay consistent with your skin care routine! Keep your skin clean and moisturized and this will make a difference.

That’s it for my secrets to long lasting makeup. I hope you find these tips useful and put them to work! What are some ways you keep your makeup lasting all day?

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