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Do you wonder what the signs that you need to replace your make-up are? I often wonder if my products are past their prime and if I should toss them. Using old, expired make-up can harm your health, but it can also cause breakouts and other icky skin problems I know you’d rather avoid. Make-up does have a pretty good shelf life, but there are some signs that you need to replace your make-up. Keeping them in mind can save you trouble and leave you with a beautiful look.

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You’ve Had It for Months

Some beauty products last for up to a year, but when it comes to eye make-up, you should discard it two or three months after you open it, according to experts at Everyday Health. Use it past that and you put yourself at risk of eye infections. Mascara has the shortest life span so be sure you pay attention to when you opened it and trade it out for a new tube a few months down the road. Write the date on the package and when a couple months pass, you have one of the signs that you need to replace your make-up right at your fingertips.


It Smells

I typically use my make-up long before it goes bad, but if you notice that your products have a strange smell, it’s time to get rid of them. This is true for both liquid and powder products. With time, the ingredients can degrade or they can harbor bacteria that multiply and pose the risk of skin problems and infections. Give your stuff a whiff now and then to stay on top of things.


The Texture Changes

If your wonderfully creamy lipstick starts to go on clumpy or your eyeliner stops creating a smooth, even line, you should probably toss the item and move on to something new. That’s because texture changes can indicate that a product is past its prime and you need something fabulous to replace it. In some cases, the changes are just annoying, but sometimes you may be upping your risk of other issues. It’s better to replace than to be sorry!


Color Changes

Changes in color are especially likely in lip glosses that are expired. Because you double dip in lip gloss tubes, the experts say you need to replace it every six months. Within this time frame, you are likely safe to keep using it. Past that and bacteria tends to multiply more quickly and put you at risk of cold sores and other icky things. On the bright side, that gives you a built in opportunity to try new colors all the time.


It Separates

Separation is a problem with liquid make-up products, such as foundation. When that happens, you should chuck it right away. The host of problems that using separate make-up poses is pretty scary. According to Everyday Health, staph infections and flesh eating disease are two examples. So, if you notice that your stuff is separated, don’t shake it and ignore the issue. Throw it away and buy something new.


You Can’t Remember when You Bought It

I’ll admit that I have nail polishes that I can’t remember buying. If that’s the case with you, it’s time to cull your make-up bag. Go through everything you have and toss eye shadows, pencils, blush, polish or anything else you can’t remember buying. While some products are safe to use for a year or two, it’s better to replace them than to guess how long you’ve had them.


It’s past the Expiration Date

You might get lucky and see a printed expiration date on your make-up. Give it a glance to see if there’s anything listed. That will take the guesswork out of the whole process. Even if the item hasn’t separated, changed color or smells bad, if it’s past the expiration date, it’s time to replace it.

How often do you trade out your products for new ones? I hope this list saves you from icky issues you won’t like. Are you getting ready to go through your make-up? It really only takes a few minutes, I promise!

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i wish companies would make smaller tubes and jars. i don't use that much makeup and would have to keep throwing everything out

I'm guilty. I keep makeup forever! I've had some eyeshadow pallets since Christmas of 2012. I always end up finishing mascara within 2-3 months, so that's fine. I don't use liquid foundation & find I finish one in about 3-4 months. Lipsticks and glosses, forget about it...I've had them for years!

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