7 Simple Makeup Tricks That Are Goof Proof ...


7 Simple Makeup Tricks That Are Goof Proof ...
7 Simple Makeup Tricks That Are Goof Proof ...

I love wearing makeup, and I get very excited when I discover simple makeup tricks that make applying it super easy. I have been applying makeup since I was 7 and started playing with my mother’s makeup, and to my credit it actually looked decent. However, when I started wearing makeup as a teen I began looking for simple makeup tricks that would speed up my makeup routine. Over the years, I have developed a goof proof makeup routine using these tricks that I would like to share with you.

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Eyes First

Eyes First For years I applied my eye makeup after putting on my foundation, but if powder from my eye shadow got on my cheek or I messed up my eyeliner I ended up having to fix two things. It didn’t happen all the time, but when it did it seemed like a huge waste of time. Then, I started putting my eye makeup on first. This made such a difference. Any powder that falls can just be wiped off my cheek. I don’t have to go back and reapply any concealer or foundation. It is such a time saver, and it is probably one of my favorite simple makeup tricks.


Eyes Open for Eyeliner

Eyes Open for Eyeliner I know many women who can skillfully apply eyeliner, but I am not one of them. I struggled with eyeliner for years. Then I thought to try leaving my eyes open. Surprisingly, your eyelashes don’t get in the way. I can get the eyeliner closer to the lash line, and it is always straight. I was so happy when I discovered this trick because I didn’t have to shy away from eyeliner anymore. I know it sounds like a weird way to apply eyeliner, but if you have struggled like I have, give it a try.


Rotate Your Mascara Wand

Rotate Your Mascara Wand I use to always apply mascara by brushing the wand upwards on my lashes. I did this until a woman at the makeup counter applied the mascara by rotating the wand as she worked her way up my lashes. I can’t tell you how much more volume and how much longer my lashes looked. Now, I always apply mascara this way. I think you will too when you try this tip.


Highlight under Your Eyebrows

Highlight under Your Eyebrows If you want to draw attention to your eyes, one of the easiest ways to do it is to apply a highlighting shadow under your eyebrows. You will want the color to be close to you skin tone. The point is not to have the highlighter be noticeable. Rather, you want to subtly draw attention to the eyes. When you add a little highlighter under your brows it makes your eyebrows stand out a little more, which in turn makes your eyes look stronger. I love this tip because I have fair hair and need a little help making eyebrows and eyes stand out.


Brightening Concealer

Brightening Concealer Do you want to look bright eyed and ready to go? Brightening concealer is the answer to any dark circles or blue veins under your eyes. I mentioned I had fair hair. Well, I also have fair skin, which makes the veins under my eyes visible. When I tried brightening concealer a few years ago I was amazed that I looked more awake and my veins were diminished. Most brightening concealers come in a stick or have a brush that the concealer loads into, and they are really easy to use. You just want to use a light touch. I little goes a long way.


Cream Blush

Cream Blush Cream blush creates a healthy natural glow, and it is easy to use. However, there is one trick you will want to use when applying cream blush. Apply it before putting your foundation on. This will give you a beautiful glowing look. When I use cream blush I just use my fingers to pat it on my cheeks. It is really simple, and I don’t even need any tools.


Blot Your Lipstick

Blot Your Lipstick One of my favorite lipstick tricks is to apply the lipstick rather heavily and blot off the excess. Doing this makes the lipstick last a really long time, and it looks more like a lip stain. I am a huge fan of lipstick, but I am not a huge fan of re-applying. When I started doing this I discovered I could go almost all day without a touch up. Certainly, it is lighter later in the day, but it is still there!

Like many of you, I have been using makeup for years. Because I wanted an easy and foolproof way to apply makeup, I have experimented with a lot of application tricks. The tricks I have come up with have greatly helped my makeup routine, and a few of them should be useful to you. What are your favorite tips for applying makeup?

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