7 Simple Ways to Shake up Your Makeup Routine ...

It’s always important to find ways to shake up your makeup routine. Having the same look is boring and you never want to be boring! Without doing anything drastic like dying your hair or losing a lot of weight, small changes in your makeup routine can make a big difference in your appearance. Here’s a few ways to shake up your makeup routine!

1. Lipstick

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Experimenting with lipstick colours is one of the ways to shake up your makeup routine. Some women have a signature lip colour while others only stick to a few colours. Although it’s good to know which lip colours look good on you, it’s also important to experiment with other colours as well. Not only will you discover more colours that look good on you but you’ll also identify colours of lipsticks you didn’t know existed but actually really like. For example, did you know there’s even teal lipstick? TEAL LIPSTICK!

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