The Different Types of Eyeliner All Makeup Mavens Know ...


The Different Types of Eyeliner All Makeup Mavens Know ...
The Different Types of Eyeliner All Makeup Mavens Know ...

Eyeliner can give your eye makeup the drama and depth that you’re looking for. For many women, it’s the one makeup product they can’t live without. There are several different types of eyeliner that you can choose from. If you’re curious about trying something new, this is a quick and easy guide to give you some help.

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The Basic Pencil Eyeliner

The Basic Pencil Eyeliner The basic pencil eyeliner is the eyeliner most of us started with. You can usually buy them for as little as a dollar at a drugstore. This is an easy eyeliner to apply and it wears significantly well. It has a lighter impact than some other types of eyeliner. One downer is that you have to sharpen this eyeliner often.


Often considered a makeup bag staple, the pencil eyeliner offers a smooth application perfect for a natural or smudged look. Ideal for beginners, its forgiving nature allows for quick corrections without much fuss. Despite its simplicity, it provides versatility — from tightlining the waterline to crafting smoky eyes. However, users may experience frustration with the constant need for a sharpener to achieve a precise line. For a more intense color payoff, it's best to opt for a creamy formula that glides effortlessly across the eyelid while maintaining the classic control of a traditional pencil.


The Kohl Pencil

The Kohl Pencil Another type of eyeliner in pencil form is the kohl pencil. Like the basic pencil eyeliner, it needs to be sharpened often. Kohl is very soft, which makes it easy to blend. This one feels the most comfortable to wear and apply because of the softness. I haven’t used this type of eyeliner very often, but I’d love to try it again.


Kohl pencils are prized for their rich pigmentation and versatility. Whether you're aiming for a smudged, smoky look or precise definition, the easily blendable nature of kohl makes it perfect for both. Its creamy texture glides onto skin without tugging, ideal for the delicate eye area. Many makeup enthusiasts appreciate kohl for its traditional roots and long-lasting wear. It's a staple for creating dramatic eye makeup looks, and it works exceptionally well along the waterline, offering intense color depth. Just remember to close the cap securely — its softness can make it prone to drying out faster than other formulas.


Twist up Eyeliner

Twist up Eyeliner You can also purchase eyeliner in a twist up form. This is my daily go-to eyeliner. It seems quick and easy to me. It’s similar to kohl in that it’s somewhat soft. The one complaint that’s common about this type of eyeliner is that the tip gets rounded easily and that’s true. Most twist up liners have a built in sharpener so you can put a nice point back on it before you use it each time.


Twist up eyeliners, with their easy-to-apply mechanism, cater especially well to those who are perpetually on-the-go or for makeup beginners. The product dispenses smoothly and offers controlled application, balancing between precision and the desirable smudgy look. When the rounded tip becomes a concern, the crafty built-in sharpener comes to the rescue, ensuring flawless and sharp lines every time. Plus, they're a mess-free alternative to traditional pencils, eliminating the need for external sharpeners. This form is a great multi-tasker too, serving not just as an eyeliner but also as a handy kajal, depending on how you wield it.


Gel Eyeliner

Gel Eyeliner Gel is a newer form of eyeliner and one I haven’t tried yet but am anxious to do so! At first you could only get gel eyeliner in a little pot that you had to apply with a brush. I’ve seen that it now comes in a pencil form, too, which is intriguing. A pencil is probably easier to control than the brush so that would be an advantage. Gel eyeliner has a pretty finish that delivers impact a bit more than pencils but less than liquid.


Gel eyeliner offers a unique texture, providing a smooth application that is loved for its long-lasting capabilities and versatility. Initially, gel eyeliners required a bit of skill to use, as the method of scooping the product onto a brush and applying it can intimidate beginners. However, the introduction of the gel liner in pencil form has made it more accessible. It's a go-to option for creating looks that range from thin, precise lines to dramatic smokey effects. Moreover, they're often smudge-proof and water-resistant, advantages that make them a favorite for all-day wear.


Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner For the most dramatic look, this is the one you want. Liquid eyeliner is beautiful and my absolute favorite eyeliner. I used to wear it daily but because it’s time consuming to apply, I don’t choose it for everyday wear. It’s very easy to get off course with liquid eyeliner so you need a steady hand. If you’re new to wearing this type of eyeliner then you may want to practice at home a few times before you feel confident enough to wear it out.


Liquid eyeliner comes in a variety of applicators, from felt tip to brush tip. If you want that sleek, cat-eye look, it's perfect. Remember, patience and practice make perfect when it comes to mastering the art of liquid liner. With its intense pigment and ability to last all day, it's a staple for a night out. For easier application, try resting your elbow on a surface and drawing dots or dashes along the lash line, then connecting them. And keep some makeup remover handy to fix any smudges, and for when it's time to gently take it off.

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Felt Tipped Eyeliner

Felt Tipped Eyeliner Felt tipped eyeliner is somewhat like liquid eyeliner, but it’s more of a controlled application. I don’t love felt tipped eyeliner. I actually feel frustrated that it takes time to build the look I want. But we’re all different and this could be the perfect eyeliner for you. It’s good to try different ones to make sure you’re using one you love.


Felt tipped eyeliners provide an excellent option for those who seek precision without the hassle of a brush. They come with a marker-like tip that allows for an easy glide across the lid, creating smooth, sharp lines. Whether you're going for a thin, subtle look or a dramatic cat-eye, these liners are quite versatile. However, keep in mind that a steady hand is still required. Additionally, felt tips can dry out faster than other types of eyeliners, so ensure the cap is on tightly after each use. You might also need a few strokes to achieve the color saturation you desire.


Shadow Eyeliner

Shadow Eyeliner Shadow eyeliner is exactly what it says it is; it’s eyeliner you create using eyeshadow. Typically a very dark shade, you can apply it with a specific brush just for this purpose. This is more of a subtle look for those who prefer that in their eye makeup. It’s fun to play around and experiment with different looks. We all have our own style with makeup and that’s part of what makes us unique.

These are 7 different types of eyeliner. Which is your favorite? I’d love to hear from you!

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That girl....are those lips for real or has she been stung by a bee ?

I love full lips regardless of what race. I use a black shimmery liquid eyeliner (sephora's brand) it's $12 and has lasted me months. I find with dark brown eyes, black liquid really pops the eye with mascara& mascara primer.


Felt tip is MySpace

I love felt tip eyeliners. Exactly the precision I need. I use a waterproof one which is well pigmented and stays on forever

Gel is totes the best! Got a Rimmel waterproof in a jar and its 100% control. So much easier than liquid which is what I used to use!

Black women naturally have beautiful full lips. I bet her lips look better than yours.

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