Glamorous Wedding Day Makeup Tutorials That Will Make His Jaw Drop ...


Glamorous Wedding Day Makeup Tutorials That Will Make His Jaw Drop ...
Glamorous Wedding Day Makeup Tutorials That Will Make His Jaw Drop ...

Congratulations on your big day! It’s coming up faster than you might realize so now is the time to start thinking about how you’re going to do your makeup. Whether you’re having someone else do your face on your wedding day or you plan to do your own, using tutorials to find your dream look can make it so much easier to make his jaw drop when you walk down the aisle. Here are some that will make it easy to get a stunning look that will have everyone talking for years to come.

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In Depth Tutorial

This tutorial is ideal if you’re still unsure what you want to do on your face for your wedding. It includes tons of easy tips and tricks you can use to get the look you crave. It’s a bit longer than some of the other videos, but it will be so worth the time because you’ll get so much out of it. The girl in the video is adorable and she makes it so easy to put on your makeup.


Short and Sweet

If you want to see a girl put on makeup for her own wedding, this is the video for you. She shows you, start to finish, how she does her makeup for her big day, so you know it’s going to be lovely and easy. You get everything from prepping your face to actually applying feminine and wedding day worthy cosmetics that will make him tear up when he sees you.


From the Pros

If you want a salon worthy look, but don’t have the cash to get it done, this tutorial will save the day. You get a look from the pros with step by step directions that allow you to do it yourself, saving you a ton of money. If you feel better with tips from the pros, you need to click on this link right now.


All the Details

The girl in this video lets you know right off that she is going to talk a lot during it. I like that because it means you are going to get exact directions from start to finish for a makeup look that was good enough for her own wedding. I like to see and hear things in the smallest detail so this tutorial is perfect for me. Are you the same way?


From Bobbi Brown

If it’s from Bobbi Brown, you know it has to be good, right? She’s only the biggest name in the makeup world so if she tells me how to wear my makeup, I’m going to do it. The video isn’t too long, but it will give you loads of great tips to use on your big day. Your groom is going to be blown away and your photos are going to go down in history!


Natural and Glamorous

This is what I was going for on my wedding day – natural and glamorous. That’s what you want too, right? I wanted to look stunning, but I didn’t want it to be super obvious that I was wearing a ton more makeup than usual. If that’s your wedding day objective too, this is the tutorial for you.


Long Lasting Look

If your main concern is that your wedding day makeup will wear off before the party is over, you need to watch this video. It’s full of great tips and a cool tutorial on how to get a full face without having to every worry that it will be faded and gone before the last guest goes home.

What’s your wedding day makeup going to look like? Did any of these videos help you decide what to do?

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I'd rather just hire someone, less stress for me. All you have to worry about is getting a run through and making sure she's not shit at makeup.

Nice article

Pick my own makeup

he probably won't even notice!

These are all beautiful

that last person was sure light, what about bridal makeup for darker skins. Smh

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