Follow These 7 Tips for Showstopping Eye Shadow ...


Follow These 7 Tips for Showstopping Eye Shadow ...
Follow These 7 Tips for Showstopping Eye Shadow ...

Eye shadow is a pretty routine part of any girl’s makeup routine. You’d think it was one of those things that is pretty easy and self-explanatory. I’m sure you eye shadow always looks great, but what if you heard that it could look even better? I was excited and I bet you are too! I’m giving you some easy tips for making your eye shadow absolutely head turning. Experiment with these ideas when you have some time so that you can get them just right. Have fun!

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Figure out Your Eye Shape

If you’re wondering how this could possibly have anything to do with your shadow, it’s time to stop. Makeup experts say that the shape of your eye helps determine the type of shading you do when you apply your eye shadow. There are several eye types and ways to highlight and emphasize them. Consult a makeup specialist if you need help. Meanwhile, check out this handy guide:


Stock Your Makeup Bag with the Right Brushes

If you usually only use one eye shadow brush, it’s time to round out your collection. Experts say that you should have several to get the job done right. A large brush to get the basic a palette is a must have. Then you need a smaller brush for more precise application and one for blending your colors once you get them on. You might also want an angled brush to get the color exactly where you want it.


Start with Primer before Your Color

Primer is a wonderful little product that can save your eye shadow. You swipe the primer on your lids and allow it soak in a little bit. Then you put your color over the top, the primer helps hold the color in place so it lasts all day long. Primer will also help keep the makeup from creeping into your eyelid creases. If you need your eye makeup to last all day long, primer is definitely the way to go.


Buy a Labeled Eye Shadow Palette

Many cosmetics manufacturers kindly imprint their eye shadow colors with handy directions that tell you exactly where to apply each shade of the color you’ve chosen. If you’re new to eye shadow application, you will definitely love having one of these palettes in your makeup bag.


Make Sure You Blend the Colors Together

You might think it looks strange to see what the various eye shadow shades look like once you have them on your lids. You have to smudge and blend them to get the proper look. Use a dedicated brush for this, or simply use your fingertip to get the job done right. Blended eyeshadow always looks better than a harshly defined application.

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Apply Your Eye Shadow before the Rest of Your Products

When you apply your eye shadow, you might find some particles of it falling on under eyes and cheeks. When you try to wipe them away, you’re left with streaks of color. Put your eye shadow on first and you can easily do damage control if this happens. Easy, right?


Finish Things off with a Setting Spray

A makeup setting spray is almost like hairspray. It works to hold your makeup in place just like hairspray helps keep your strands in place. A simple spritz of setting spray helps ensure that your eye shadow stays where you want to it all day long.

What are your best tips for putting on eye shadow?

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I never had to use eyeshadow primer,my eyeshadow doesn't budge and stays bright and in place all day


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