Weird Makeup Hacks That Will Amaze You with How They Work ...


Who doesn't love hacks?! Check out this video by Natalies Outlet with weird but (very) useful makeup hacks. My personal favourite is #6!

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Use Scotch Tape to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Twirl some tape into a circle and run your brush back and forth on it to get rid of leftover makeup from your last use. Yay!


Use Tape to Perfect Your Eye Shadow

Use tape at the corner of your eyes to get a more professional, clean look with your eye shadow.


If You Run out of Eyeliner...

Use mascara instead! Just dip your eyeliner brush into your mascara and line as usual. It really works!


If Your Mascara is Clumpy and Dry...

Dip it into a hot cup of water and leave it in there for about 10 min. Alternately you could also put in some eyedrops into the mascara to make it creamy again.


If You Have Trouble Applying Mascara...

Just bend the wand and then use it. Bending it gives you a lot more control over the application process.


If You Have Dark Circles...

Use red-orange lipstick under your concealer! It works like magic!


Use a Spoon for Contouring!

If you're not that great at contouring and always end up getting muddy results, use a spoon, place it as close to the top of your ear as possible , turn it sideways and start applying your bronzer or contouring stick. Don't forget to blend after.


To Lift and Curl Your Lashes...

Use a warm eye lash curler by using a lighter (very carefully!) or blowdrying it.


To Keep Your Eyebrows in Place...

Use lip balm! It works just as well as eyebrow gel.


Boob Contouring is a Thing!

I'll just let you watch the video for this one.


Use Coffee Filters for Blotting Excess Oil off Your Face

Cut a coffee filter as shown, store, and use as and when you need.

Which was your favorite makeup hack?

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If your mascara is clumpy and dry then toss it and buy a new one.

To keep my brows in place I use my mascara it's great bc it gives it a light fill natural looking fill & keeps them in place all day. My brows are black though lol don't think ppl with brows that aren't black could do this

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