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Glitter Tears Are the Hottest New Makeup Trend ...

By Holly

If you want to create a bold eye look, then you don't have to create a smokey eye. Now, there's a new trend emerging called glitter tears. According to People, it's "extremely easy to put on, [but] annoying to get off." Take a look:

1 Subtle Look

See the gold flecks under the eyes? All you have to do is mix "a few drops of Shiseido eye serum with a small amount of glitter," "tap it onto your undereye with your middle finger," and then use your "pointer finger to navigate the glitter into a kind of triangle shape."

2 Dramatic Look

You don't have to use one type of glitter. You can use two completely different colors for an even bolder look!

3 The in-between Look

The more glitter you use, the better!

4 Close up Look

This is what the style looks like close up and personal! Isn't it cute?

Would you ever try this trend?

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