Glitter Tears Are the Hottest New Makeup Trend ...


Glitter Tears Are the Hottest New Makeup Trend ...
Glitter Tears Are the Hottest New Makeup Trend ...

If you want to create a bold eye look, then you don't have to create a smokey eye. Now, there's a new trend emerging called glitter tears. According to People, it's "extremely easy to put on, [but] annoying to get off." Take a look:

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Subtle Look

See the gold flecks under the eyes? All you have to do is mix "a few drops of Shiseido eye serum with a small amount of glitter," "tap it onto your undereye with your middle finger," and then use your "pointer finger to navigate the glitter into a kind of triangle shape."


Dramatic Look

You don't have to use one type of glitter. You can use two completely different colors for an even bolder look!


The in-between Look

The more glitter you use, the better!


Close up Look

This is what the style looks like close up and personal! Isn't it cute?

Would you ever try this trend?

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Really? Love makeup but this glitter is a bit much. Saw glittered eyebrows w blue hair, what a sight. That said, to each his own


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