How to Use a Beauty Blender for Flawless Foundation ...

If you've never used a beauty blender before, you're missing out. It's the easiest way to apply your foundation, moisturizer, and even SPF without leaving any lines. It's a miracle product that won't cost you much, so you should go out and buy one ASAP. If you're not sure how they work, here are a few tips on how to use your beauty blender for a flawless foundation:

1. Wet Your Beauty Blender with Water

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The first step to using your beauty blender is to soak it in water. It doesn't matter if you place it in a bucket of water or run it underneath a faucet, as long as you let it soak up as much water as possible. The material acts like a sponge, so the more water it contains, the bigger and fluffier it will look.

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