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Would you love to have some tips for long lasting lipstick? No girl likes it when her favorite lipstick is gone by noon. These tips for long lasting lipstick can help your lipstick stay on from morning to night with minimal touch-ups. Read on to make this a possibility for you.

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Use a Lip Primer

Use a Lip Primer One of the very best tips for long lasting lipstick is to use a lip primer. Lip primer is a product that helps to make sure that your lipstick stays in place. It isn’t a product that you often notice on the shelves but it really does make a difference. MAC offers one, as well as NYX and E.L.F. Once you use it, you’ll wonder how you ever made it without it.


Wear Lip Liner

Wear Lip Liner Lip liner is going to keep your lipstick in place. It helps keep it from bleeding or feathering. It can also help it to stay on longer if you lightly color your whole lip in with your liner. The trick to this is to make feathery little strokes. This works with lip primer but can also work in place of it, if you happen to be out.


Choose a Long Lasting Formula

Choose a Long Lasting Formula Long lasting formulas are naturally going to last longer than formulas that don’t promise hours of wear. Some brands are better than others so you’ll have to experiment to see which one works best for you. You can run into a little problem when you use a long lasting formula of lipstick, though. They can be drying. Putting a very tiny bit of clear gloss in the center of your lips can help with this.


Blot and Apply Again

Blot and Apply Again It turns out that there’s strength in numbers, even with lipstick application. It’s best to apply your lipstick once, then blot. Reapply again immediately. This helps your lipstick to set and stay for hours. If you don’t like the shiny finish of the second application, you can blot a second time.


Take Care of Your Lips

Take Care of Your Lips This may not be one you’ve ever thought of but it makes sense. Taking care of your lips will help your lipstick to last longer. If your lips are a dry, cracked mess, it’s going to be more difficult for lipstick to stay put because it’ll flake off. Exfoliate your lips with a lip exfoliation product to help with this.


Moisturize Your Lips

Moisturize Your Lips Another way to make sure your lips are in the best possible condition for your lipstick to work with is to keep them moisturized. It’s okay to moisturize under your lipstick if you want but it’s more important to keep them moisturized when you aren’t wearing lipstick. Get in the habit of keeping several lip balms close at hand. Another tip to help with dry lips is to drink plenty of water. Even a little dehydration can show up in your skin and lips.


Use Your Napkin Carefully

Use Your Napkin Carefully Of course you need to use your napkin when you eat. The trick is to use it carefully. Blot your lips on your napkin. Don’t wipe roughly or you’ll wipe your lipstick away. No matter how much preparation you put into making sure your lipstick stays put, it won’t if you scrub it off.

Do you have any tricks for making sure your lipstick stays on? You’re welcome to share them. I’d love to learn from you.

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How does the exfoliant set work?

Stila "Stay All Day" liquid lipstick is amazing 😍

Um u could vaseline then chapstick the lip gloss to make it last longer

Lip exfoliants are expensive. Use Vaseline on a tooth brush (not the one you use on your teeth, of course) and a little bit of sugar. Brush away foe smooth, sexy lips!

Loved the tips! Cant wait to go to mac for the lip primer!

MK has a fantastic lips exfoliant set. Satin lips. It isn't expensive and it lasts a while.

Sugar and honey combined together makes an excellent lip exfoliant.

Revlon lip stains matte balms are awesome too

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