7 Tips for Sussing out if Your Cosmetics Have Gone off ...


Your makeup and other beauty products are supposed to make you look prettier. It’s not doing your lovely face or skin any favors if they are causing irritation or breakouts because it has “gone off.” They might also be causing sub-dermal damage you can’t see. It’s really important to use fresh, within date makeup and beauty products but how do you tell if your cosmetics have gone off

1. The Expiration Date

Let’s start with the most obvious: the expiration date. On medicated products for treating acne you will find a firm expiration date on the packet, and on some of your lippies and foundations you will see a shelf life symbol on the packaging (3m, 5m 12m etc with the m indicating months). When a medicated product has expired it will lose its effectiveness and you might even find that when you use it you get some unwanted side effects. With both medicated and non-medicated cosmetics it is important to take note of the expiry date. You wouldn’t eat something that was out of date, so why put your face through it?

Consider the Container
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