7 Daring Ways to Rock the Cat Eye Look ...


Do you like wearing the bold cat eye look on your eyes but are getting tired of the same old thing? I hear ya! Wearing the cat eye look can be uber glamorous but doing the same winged liner the same way every day gets boring and stale! Whatโ€™s a girl to do? Easy,change the way you do your eyeliner to freshen things up! Check out these 7 creative ways to rock the cat eye and refresh your eye makeup!

1. Pop of Color

Pop of Color

When youโ€™re looking for different ways to wear the cat eye look, donโ€™t overlook color! A fun and easy way to change up a look is to switch colors. Are you loyal to jet black? Why not try navy or plum? If you already wear different liner colors, try using a different type of liner. There are different types of brushes and formulas of liners and they could make all the difference in the way do your makeup!

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