Top Affordable Makeup Tools for Girls on a Budget ...


Top Affordable Makeup Tools for Girls on a Budget ...
Top Affordable Makeup Tools for Girls on a Budget ...

Budget-conscious girls know that quality beauty tools often come at a high price. As much as we’d like to save on these beauty essentials, many of the affordable beauty tools on the market fall short on quality and performance. Lucky for us, drugstore beauty brands are recognizing this need and have created plenty beauty tools that satisfy our wallets as well as our budgets. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised at the cream of the crop of affordable beauty tools. You’ll want to add all of them to your collection, I know I do!

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E.l.f. Selfie Ready Foundation Brush

brush, product, tool, elf, A good selfie often starts with good canvas and e.l.f.'s Selfie Ready Foundation Brush is here to help. This brush has been compared to Kat Von D's Foundation Brush and based on the stellar reviews, it works just as good. This brush buffs foundation onto your skin for a soft, air-brushed finish. But it doesn't end there, it's also great for seamlessly blending concealer or cream blush, too.

Available at for $6


Real Techniques Miracle Diamond Sponge

drink, espresso, brand, distilled beverage, flavor, Have you seen these babies on Insta? I thought these sponges were so dope! Why hasn't anyone else made diamond-shaped makeup sponges before?! This sponge has 13 facets so you can precisely apply your foundation or concealer in all different angles so you get maximum coverage. Fun to use and SO much more affordable than the Beauty Blender!

Available at for $10


Wet N Wild Large Eye Shadow Brush

brush, cosmetics, organ, eyelash, eye, wet n wild came out with some new pink and white makeup brushes and the internet was pretty much freaking out over them. They're really cute for one, cheap, and work really well. One of the standout products from the line is this large eye shadow brush. I think we all know how important a good eye shadow brush is and this one is perfect for blending.

Available at for $0.99


Ecotools Deluxe Fan Brush

brush, hairstyle, tool, eco, TOOLS, Get your highlight game on lock with ecotools' big, bad fan brush. Ecotools' cruelty-free synthetic brushes are always super soft on your skin and the low price allows you to spend a little more on your favorite products! Apply your favorite blush, bronzer, and highlighter with ease.

Available at for $6.28


Real Techniques Brow Set

brush, cosmetics, ball pen, REAL, TECHNIQUES, Brows are an important part of our beauty routine and if you don't yet have all the tools you need, this is the perfect set. Obviously, this is much pricier than the rest, but it's a 5-piece set that contains everything you need for the fleekiest of brows. It also comes with a carrier so you're always camera-ready.

Available at for $20


KINGMAS Oval Makeup Brush

product, gadget, audio equipment, technology, electronic device, Artis brushes are so luxurious and I've heard great things about them but they're so dang pricey! I was happy to see a bunch of companies come out with dupes and this one by Kingmas is incredibly affordable with mad decent reviews. For $3.99, you can test out the oval makeup brush that's said to seamlessly blend your creams, powders, and liquid makeup.

Available at for $3.99



product, cosmetics, cue stick, mascara, Anything that's multipurpose gets an A+ in my book. This flat detail brush is versatile and gets the job done every time. Use it to pack on color on the lid or precisely add color to create dimension. You can also use it to apply and blend concealer in a pinch!

Available at for $8.99

It doesn't cost you an arm and a leg to get quality beauty tools at an affordable price! There are tons of inexpensive beauty gems out there, we just have to look for them! What's your must-have beauty tool?

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Morphed has some great brushes for decent prices too.

Ooo diamond sponge

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