Beyond Gorg Fall Eyeshadow Palettes for Girls with Brown Eyes ...

Did you know that having brown eyes is associated with being trustworthy, strong, and confident? In addition to those rad qualities, brown-eyed girls have a plethora of eye shadows that compliment your incredible auburn eyes. There are so many different shades of brown eyes and there is no reason you shouldn’t show them off as much as possible! Take a peek at these amazing eye shadow palettes that will accentuate your beautiful brown eyes like no other.

1. Too Faced the Chocolate Bar Eye Palette

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One of the things that I find irresistible about Too Faced’s products is that they smell SO good. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the makeup, too! One 1 ⃣ of their most loved products, The Chocolate Bar, is packed with gorgeous eye shadows for brown-eye gals. You’ve got just enough shimmer and matte shadows to mix and match your ideal color. As an added benefit, it smells and contains the healing benefits of chocolate in each eye shadow.
Available at for $49

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