7 Makeup Products to Never Ever Share Even with Your BFF ...

By Jessica

7 Makeup Products to Never Ever Share  Even with Your BFF ...

It can be tempting, and even super convenient, to share makeup products with your BFF! After all, it's a great way to try new products without spending extra cash! BUT, honestly it's not a good idea, at least for certain products. It's just too easy to catch an infection! Keep reading for a list of those products you just don't want to be sharing with anyone!

1 Mascara

Too Faced, eyelash, beauty, cosmetics, lip, Mascara is probably the most bacteria-prone makeup item that we own. Applying it near the eyes, it continuously comes in contact with the fluid in your eye, which means bacteria! The wand also traps bacteria and eyelash hair inside the tube, which is the perfect place (dark, warm) to harbor growth. And if you've had an eye infection especially, you need to toss your mascara out right away! So, don't share mascara under any circumstance!

2 Lip Products

lipstick, beauty, lip, cosmetics, eye, Any gloss, pot, or squeeze tube of lipstick is a no-go for sharing and here's why: even if you don't see an actual cold sore, you or your friend might be a carrier of the herpes simplex virus! And no one wants to be stuck with potential cold sores or fever blisters. So, unless it's a regular tube of lipstick or Chapstick and you're able to wipe the surface with alcohol, don't share it!

3 Anything in a Jar

food, lighting, produce, candle, dessert, Any beauty product that comes in a jar form, like face cream, lotion, lip balm, etc., should not be shared. You're constantly dipping your fingers into the product to apply, and then touching your face or other parts of your body. The application process is a perfect way to collect bacteria and you don't want to spread that around!

4 Makeup Brushes

brush, eye, organ, tool, human body, Makeup brushes are probability the most risky thing to share because they harbor so much bacteria. It's impossible to avoid your eye and nose region completely so unless they are totally clean brushes, don't share them. Beauty sponges as well- and these can trap old makeup and junk internally, even after they've been cleaned, so avoid sharing these, too!

5 Razors

Gillette Venus, beauty, skin, brand, sense, I know I've been guilty of sharing my partner's razor (without him knowing! ) but it's definitely something you shouldn't be sharing. Tiny nicks can transfer blood-borne diseases (unlikely, though) AND you're at risk of getting a staph infection. Yuck!

6 Pressed Foundation

eye, face powder, powder, organ, brand, Foundation that comes in a creamy, pressed form should only be used by you! The creamy consistency too easily traps and transfers bacteria and it's too risky to share this kind of product. However, pressed or loose powders are ok because the environment is dry enough for bacteria to die off.

7 Cream Shadows

eye, brown, beauty, skin, organ, Same goes for cream eye shadows. The creamy consistency is a no-no for sharing. Especially when it comes to eye products, it's just way too easy to catch pink eye or other eye infections. If you've had any eye infection you know just how miserable they can be (and look!). Powder shadows are ok, as well as re-sharpened pencils.

It kind of sucks that you have to avoid sharing some products (and it sucks even more being a stickler about it!), but it preserves everyone's health. And that's the most important thing! Remember that you CAN share things that come in a pump, are dry or loose powdery form, pencils that you can sharpen, and if you have alcohol wipes/spray handy, lipstick is fine.

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