7 Makeup Products to Never Ever Share , Even with Your BFF ...

It can be tempting, and even super convenient, to share makeup products with your BFF! After all, it's a great way to try new products without spending extra cash! BUT, honestly it's not a good idea, at least for certain products. It's just too easy to catch an infection! Keep reading for a list of those products you just don't want to be sharing with anyone!

1. Mascara

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Mascara is probably the most bacteria-prone makeup item that we own. Applying it near the eyes, it continuously comes in contact with the fluid in your eye, which means bacteria! The wand also traps bacteria and eyelash hair inside the tube, which is the perfect place (dark, warm) to harbor growth. And if you've had an eye infection especially, you need to toss your mascara out right away! So, don't share mascara under any circumstance!

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