7 Easy Tips for Your Thanksgiving Make-up Look ...

By Eliza

7 Easy Tips for Your Thanksgiving Make-up Look ...

Thanksgiving make-up should be holiday worthy, but shouldn’t take you all day to execute. After all, you have way more important things to attend to. Like eating as much as your belly will hold. I’m hosting this year, which means my morning will be a frenzy of cleaning, cooking and making sure my kids stay out of the snacks. That means very little time left for Thanksgiving make-up, which is why I need some ways to look great fast. Here are some easy tips for looking fabulous, even when you don’t have a ton of time for holiday make-up.

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1 Don’t Try Something New

I love to page through magazines to find new make-up looks to try. However, a holiday isn’t the time to test out something you’ve never tried before. That’s because if you don’t like it or get it wrong, you have to start over. Thanksgiving make-up should be something you’re used to and know how to do.

2 Add a Little Something

That being said, you can certainly add a new element without doing a whole new face. Maybe a new eyeliner color or a new shade of lipstick. One new thing is easy to fix or replace if you decide you don’t like it after all. So go ahead and use one new thing you’ve been dying to try. Leave it at that and you’ll have a happy holiday indeed.

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3 Go a Bit Darker

Chances are that family photos are a major part of your Thanksgiving celebration. Wear your regular make-up look, but apply it a bit darker than usual. That way you look fresh in pictures and you have just the right touch of glam for a holiday. Don’t go too dark or you risk looking silly, but a tiny bit of a heavier hand makes for awesome photos that you’ll be happy to see on social media.

4 Dab on Some Metallics

If you’ve worn metallic items before and are comfortable applying them, a holiday like Thanksgiving is a great time to pull out all those sparkly make-up products that you don’t wear on a daily basis. Wear a dash of gold on your eyelids or brush on just a touch of glitter over your blush. Metallic nail polish is also a fun idea.

5 Wear Long Lasting Lip Color

Nothing is worse than getting your lip color all over your food. Since Thanksgiving is a holiday that basically revolves around gorging yourself all day long, choose a long lasting lipstick or lip stain. These products are designed to hold up to eating, drinking and whatever else you throw their way. Slick on a long lasting formula and you can enjoy your food without reapplying your lipstick every few minutes.

6 Choose Seasonal Colors

If you’re one of those girls who has make-up in every color imaginable and mix and match them all the time, Thanksgiving is a great time to put your earth tones to use. Use your golds, pinks, nudes and browns for Turkey Day. You can also go for a bright cranberry color since that dish stars on most Thanksgiving Day tables.

7 Wear Mascara

Mascara is perfect for opening your eyes and making you look wide awake, even if you were up late the night before brining the turkey and baking pumpkin pie. A couple of coats of black or brown mascara can do wonders for making your eyes pop and giving the impression that you slept your full eight hours.

What are you most excited about for Thanksgiving this year? The food is what I can’t wait for! And spending time with loved ones, of course. Do you have any other make up tips for Thanksgiving Day?

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