7 Easy Tips for Your Thanksgiving Make-up Look ...


Thanksgiving make-up should be holiday worthy, but shouldn’t take you all day to execute. After all, you have way more important things to attend to. Like eating as much as your belly will hold. I’m hosting this year, which means my morning will be a frenzy of cleaning, cooking and making sure my kids stay out of the snacks. That means very little time left for Thanksgiving make-up, which is why I need some ways to look great fast. Here are some easy tips for looking fabulous, even when you don’t have a ton of time for holiday make-up.

1. Don’t Try Something New

I love to page through magazines to find new make-up looks to try. However, a holiday isn’t the time to test out something you’ve never tried before. That’s because if you don’t like it or get it wrong, you have to start over. Thanksgiving make-up should be something you’re used to and know how to do.

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