7 Makeup Ideas for when You're Bored ...

By Alicia

It’s good to have some makeup ideas for when you’re bored with your daily makeup routine. Doing your makeup the same way every day is bound to get boring on occasion. It doesn’t always take something drastic to shake things up. You can try any of these 7 makeup ideas for when you’re bored to get a different look and a confidence boost, too.

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Try on a Bold Lip

Many women are afraid of a bold lip or feel that it isn’t right for them. Everyone can wear a bold lip, it just varies in what bold lip is right for you. You can think about your normal lip color and then choose one in the same color family that has a bit of boldness. For example, if you’re normally a pink lipstick kind of girl, you might try fuchsia lipstick. Trying on a bold lip is one of the easy makeup ideas for when you’re bored.


Play with Color

You can definitely get in a rut with eyeshadow. It’s easy to reach for the same neutrals everyday. Neutrals are beautiful and definitely valuable because they work so well for everyone. But playing with color in your eyeshadow choices can be fun, too. Branch out a little bit and see what you like. You may find a new look that you love.


Go Vintage

There’s a lot to be said for vintage makeup trends. Probably the most popular era of vintage makeup is the World War II era. That was when red lips and liquid black eyeliner were the way makeup was done. This is a beautiful look that packs a lot of impact. It makes an amazing look for date night.


Watch Some Makeup Tutorials

If you want to learn some new techniques, there are tons of makeup tutorials that you can watch. You can learn a lot from watching the techniques and ideas of others. From learning how to use your daily eyeshadow palette in a new way to learning the way to paint your nails without a single mistake, makeup tutorials cover it all. I love to watch makeup tutorials in my free time. There’s always something new to learn.


Change Your Eyeliner

Most of us tend to grab the same black or brown eyeliner day after day. But there are so many different colors to choose from. Navy eyeliner is a great choice to brighten up the whites of your eyes. A dark purple looks absolutely stunning on hazel or brown eyes. Even if you don’t want to change your color, you might consider changing your formula. If you’re a pencil girl, try a new gel eyeliner or liquid eyeliner.

Famous Quotes

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Master the Smoky Eye

The smoky eye is a very pretty look that’s great for a special date night or going out dancing with the girls. There are even ways you can tone it down to wear it in the day time. Basically, you choose darker shades such as deep brown, dark gray or charcoal to wear. The perfect smoky eye requires a lot of blending to get the look just right. Of course, there are many great makeup tutorials available on the smoky eye, too.


Ask a Friend for Tips

If you have a friend whose makeup you admire, you might want to ask her for some tips. She may have a completely different approach to application that you’d love to learn. Who knows? She may want to learn some things from you, too. It’s always great when you can swap makeup tips with a friend.

These are 7 things you can do differently when you’re bored with your makeup. Have you been there? What do you do when you get bored with the same makeup look?

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