You Can Put a Spin on the Traditional Smoky Eye with These 7 Tips ...

By Alicia

You Can Put a Spin on the Traditional Smoky Eye with These 7 Tips ...

The smoky eye is a beautiful look that most of us want to wear from time to time. It’s perfect for a special date night or other fancy occasion in your life. It pairs perfectly with a nude lip or classic red lipstick. If you want to put a spin on the traditional smoky eye, something just a little different to give you a unique look, these tips can give you some fresh ideas.

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1 Switch out Your Grays for Plums

Switch out Your Grays for Plums A smoky eye done in shades of gray is lovely but you don’t have to limit yourself to that color palette. You can also do a smoky eye with shades of plum. Some plums lean toward the greige side which’re a perfect choice for a smoky eye. In fact, you could use this makeup technique with dark chocolate browns or even dark blues such as navy. There’s no need to limit yourself; go for the dark colors that suit you best.

2 Go for a Tri-Color Light to Dark Look

Go for a Tri-Color Light to Dark Look You can mix up the smoky eye makeup technique by how you apply eye shadow. Most eyeshadow looks are created from applying one color on the eyelid and another, darker color in the crease. You can switch this up by applying the lightest color close to your inner corner, the middle shade in the middle of your eyelid and the darkest shade to your outer corner. It sounds a little dramatic but you can soften it up. Blending the harsh lines away is the key to pulling this off.

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3 Make Your Inner Corner Luminous with Highlighter

Make Your Inner Corner Luminous with Highlighter Giving your inner corners some attention can create a beautiful contrast. Smoky eyes are dark; showing a contrast by illuminating your inner corners will make your eyes pop. This isn’t difficult to do. You can use a white eyeshadow to highlight the area or use a true highlighter. Either technique will give you a beautiful finish.

4 Go Naked on the Bottom

Go Naked on the Bottom Smoky eyes have a powerful impact. You don’t always need a lot of makeup on the bottom eyelid. A tiny touch of mascara may be enough. Adding heavy eyeliner and mascara on the bottom can look overdone. This depends on the person and of course, your personal taste.

5 Line Your Waterline

Line Your Waterline While this isn’t a makeup technique eye doctors love, it can give you that extra something you may be craving. You do want to be careful while applying your eyeliner this way. Some women do this by closing their eye and sliding the eyeliner in between the closed eyelids. Others prefer to pull the eyelid away from the eye while applying liner. See what works best for you.

6 Switch up Your Mascara

Switch up Your Mascara I love black mascara. In fact, the deeper the black, the more I love it. But, it can be nice to try another shade, especially when you’re wearing a smoky eye. For example, you might want to try purple mascara if you’re wearing a plum smoky eye or navy mascara if you’re wearing a dark blue smoky eye. You can also switch black eyeliner out for one that’s colored to match your eyeshadow color.

7 Discover the Magic of False Eyelashes

Discover the Magic of False Eyelashes False eyelashes are simply magical! They transform your lashes from basic to amazing. You don’t have to wear a full fringe of them to get the impact, either. Just a few on the outside can make a huge difference. They give you an extended lash line and who doesn’t love that?

These’re 7 tips you can use to wear a smoky eye a little differently. Which ones do you plan to try? Do you wear a smoky eye often?

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