Glittery Makeup Ideas to Help You Sparkle at a Party ...


Nothing says party time like some glitter. You can totally rock a sparkly look without looking too late 90s. The trend is coming back, but in an updated and modern way. So if you have a party invite and no idea what kind of makeup to wear, you're in the right place. These ideas will be all the inspiration you need. Have fun!

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Try Glittery Eyeliner

Try Glittery Eyeliner Source: Stylish Board 10 Glitter Lower


Purple Eyes Are Perfect

Purple Eyes Are Perfect Source: Glitter Makeup Ideas You May


Gold Glitter, Black Mascara

Gold Glitter, Black Mascara Source: Creative Christmas Party Or Fantasy


Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink Source: 17 Cute Valentine’s Day Makeup


Go with Huge Sparkles

Go with Huge Sparkles Source: How to Apply Glitter Eye


Glittery Smoky Eye

Glittery Smoky Eye Source: Makeup Ideas for NYE!


Try Something Exotic

Try Something Exotic Source: Exotic Eye Makeup Designs Makeup


You'll Love This

You'll Love This Source: Make Up: glitter make up


Glitter on Top and down below

Glitter on Top and down below Source: MusixLib


Green Glitter Eyeliner is Fun

Green Glitter Eyeliner is Fun Source: Trendy Glitter Eyeliner Ideas


Gold and Green

Gold and Green Source: Glitter makeup ideas for the


Lots of Color

Lots of Color Source: 13 Of The Best Eyeshadow


Colors of the Sun

Colors of the Sun Source: Eye Makeup Ideas


Get Really Creative

Get Really Creative Source:


Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple Source: Glitter Makeup Ideas You May


Check This out

Check This out Source: MusixLib


Over the Top

Over the Top Source: MusixLib

Are you ready to sparkle? Which look will you try?

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