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How to Create a Perfect Navy Blue Smoky Eye ...

By Lucy

This smoky eye look should be more commonly known as a beautiful navy blue shade with a silver base.

Many people think bronzer, brown and nude are the only colours good for creating a smoky eye but this is simply not true as there are so many other combinations which look equally as stunning.

All you need for this one is silver and a selection of blues (going from lightest to darkest).

1 Lightest Shade of Silver

Lightest Shade of Silver Start by selecting the silver eyeshadow and use a light, small brush to dab the product into the inner corner of each eye.

It’s okay to drag it out a little bit if you want it to have a dramatic effect which will contrast against the darker blue shades.

Use this same silver colour to highlight the area just above the eyelid crease and don’t worry about blending any of the blues into it just yet.

2 Lightest Shade of Blue

Lightest Shade of Blue Next choose your lightest shade of blue because this is going to blend right into the silver.

So this is exactly what you’re going to do, remember to use a fresh make up brush so the colours don’t run into each other in a bad way and disrupt the nice flow you’re trying to achieve.

3 Medium Shade of Blue

Medium Shade of Blue Once you are confident it is blended properly, select the next shade up and work this medium to navy blue colour across the middle of each eyelid, stopping just before you reach the very end.

Choose another fresh brush and take your time blending this part in, the important thing is not to rush anything. It’s very difficult to go back once you make a mistake.

4 Darkest Shade of Blue

Darkest Shade of Blue Select the darkest shade of blue you have, it should be midnight blue or close to coal black.

This colour then carries on to the very end of each eyelid and again, choose a fresh brush to blend the last of the eyelid colours together.

5 Carefully Blend across

Carefully Blend across With another fresh brush, gently and slowly blend the eyelid colours into the highlighted silver just above (remember the step from the beginning).

This takes time to get right so be patient, the colours should blend two ways: across the eyelid and up from the eyelid.

6 Optional Step

Optional Step This step is optional, but you should try it out if you really want to achieve the smoke eye finish.

Complete steps 1 – 4 again but this time directly underneath each eye. Stay quite close to your waterline and as a general rule of thumb it should not exceed past your lower lashes.

This step will give you a beautiful, matching blended look both above and below your eye.

7 End Result

End Result You should have a beautiful smoky eye, with the shades blended perfectly from light to darkest across your eyelid. Enjoy!

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