10 Beauty Mistakes Girls with Glasses Make and How to Avoid Them ...


10 Beauty Mistakes Girls with Glasses Make and How to Avoid Them ...
10 Beauty Mistakes Girls with Glasses Make and How to Avoid Them ...

Wearing glasses means that you need to approach your makeup a little differently. Certain tricks and techniques can help make sure glasses don’t distract from your gorgeous face. With this knowledge, your glasses will look like the accessory they are rather than a focal point that distracts from your face. These’re the makeup mistakes to avoid if you wear glasses.

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Neglecting Your Eyebrows

eyewear, hair, glasses, vision care, face, You may think your eyebrows aren’t as important when you wear glasses but they’re actually more so. Your eyebrows are the frame to your face and they always need attention. Neglecting them can make them look sparser than they truly are. You don’t want your face to look like it begins at your glasses. Make sure you shape and fill in your brows and you’ll see a huge difference.


Skipping under Eye Concealer

human action, hair, glasses, nose, person, Under eye circles can look even more pronounced when you wear glasses. Glasses add a darkness and shadows so you need to combat that. Under eye concealer is something almost everyone needs, and especially glasses wearers. It only takes a few seconds to apply and adds so much light to your face. Be sure you pat it on rather than rub it on for the best result.


Not Powdering Your Nose

hair, human hair color, face, blond, eyebrow, Guess what, girls? Any shine you have on your nose or t-zone is going to stand out when you wear glasses. That’s because your nose is right under the center of your glasses. Therefore, you have to stay on guard against shine. Powdering your nose at the beginning of the day will help make it harder for shine to get through. If it does, whisk it away with a blotting cloth or another application of powder.


Going Too Dark with Your Blush Shade

hair, face, eyebrow, glasses, eyewear, It can be easy for your glasses and blush to compete with one another because they both set close to the cheekbone. You can avoid this by staying away from dark or dramatic blushes. Lean more toward a natural blush shade. Apply lightly. You can always apply more but it’s difficult to take it off without redoing all your makeup over again.


Letting Your Eyeshadow Fall Flat

eyewear, hair, glasses, vision care, face, You need to work a little harder to call attention to your eyes because they’re behind glasses. Don’t let them get lost in your frame. Choose eyeshadow shades that have shimmer. This helps catch the light and put the attention where it belongs, on your lovely eyes! If you do wear matte shades, make sure you incorporate some light colors to keep things on the iridescent side.

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Being Skimpy with Your Mascara

eyewear, glasses, vision care, hair, face, Let those lashes show! Make sure your eyes get the dramatic impact they deserve by choosing a mascara that delivers your favorite finish, whether it’s length, volume, definition or curl. Give them several good coats, making sure to catch the lashes at the inner and outer corners. This gives your eyes the pop you’re craving. With this trick, you’ll be getting compliments galore!


Have Lifeless Lips

hair, human hair color, face, glasses, vision care, Your lips need color! Lips balance out all that’s going on with your glasses and eye makeup at the top of your face. The color you choose isn’t as important as the fact that you wear something on your lips. You may want to go a little bolder than you would if you weren’t a glasses wearer but you can still pull off the nude trend that’s so popular right now. If you’re not a lipstick kind of girl then find a gloss you love.


Matching Your Liner and Your FrAmes

hair, eyewear, clothing, glasses, photography, When your liner and frames match, your eyes blend in going unnoticed. Instead, try going a shade or two lighter with the eyeliner and blend with a cotton swab to prevent a harsh look and emphasizing your eyes, helping them pop and stand out.


Too Dark of Shadow

eyewear, eyebrow, glasses, vision care, face, Glasses change the way shadow looks, so going too dark on shadow will look even darker when the glasses are on. Save your smoky eye for contacts and use a light shade to highlight your eyes. If you want to add a darker dimension then use a medium shade in the creases.


Mixing Thin and Thick

eyewear, hair, glasses, vision care, face, Thick frames require thick eyeliner while thin frames require thinner lines of eyeliner. Mixing the two thicknesses will either under or over exaggerate your eyes, depending on the mix, and that's not something you want.

These tips can help you avoid makeup mistakes when you wear glasses. What do you find most challenging about makeup when you wear glasses? I love hearing from you!

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Great post!

I wear glasses and that is very helpful for when I put my makeup on daily

Wow! very useful tips ,,, thanks

😂 I have really long eyelashes so when i put on a mascara then I have problems with blinking 😂

Thanks learn something new...very helpful

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