7 Differences between a Good Makeup Day and a Bad Makeup Day ...


Donโ€™t you love a good makeup day?

Your makeup goes on flawlessly, you create the perfect eye look and your pout is puckered beautifully.

These are 7 things that make a difference between a good makeup day and a bad makeup day.

By following these tips you can make every day a good makeup day.

1. The Condition Your Skin is in

You canโ€™t fully control the condition of your skin but thereโ€™s a lot you can do to influence it.

Good skin habits make a big difference.

Washing your makeup off and using moisturizer with SPF are great skincare habits.

Eating right also helps you to have beautiful skin.

When your skin is in good condition youโ€™ll find you have many more good makeup days than bad ones.

2. Know Your Skin Type: Oily, Dry or Combination?

The type of skin you have affects what skin care products and type of foundation you need.

Oily skin and dry skin arenโ€™t difficult to recognize.

But if you have combination skin you may be confused;

combination skin has both oily and dry areas.

Once you know your skin type, find a line of skincare products that are specific for your type.

Oily skin will need more of a matte foundation while dry skin will need one thatโ€™s moisturizing.

Combination skin is tricky so youโ€™ll need to find one that doesnโ€™t lean too far toward being matte or moisturizing.

3. Wearing the Right Shade of Foundation

Once you know what type of foundation you need then you have to figure out what shade is right for you.

Itโ€™s more important to wear the correct shade than it is to wear a certain brand.

The right shade of foundation will blend effortlessly into your skin.

If it makes you pale or orange, itโ€™s not the right one.2

Your foundation should look like your skin but better.

Good Makeup Days Usually Involve the Use of Concealer
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