Absolutely Perfect Eyeshadow Techniques Based on Your Eye Shape ...

So, you’ve figured out what your eye shape is. Congratulations, you’ve already gotten a few steps farther than most women when it comes to makeup knowledge. If you’re obsessed with getting your makeup just right but don’t know how to do your eyeshadow so it complements your eye shape, fear not. I’ve compiled a list of the most common eye shapes, and along with it, a shadow look that’d be flattering for that shape.

1. Round Eyes

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Round eyes are a such blessing, because they probably mean that you have big, beautiful eyes, but sometimes you may want to play that down just a little bit. For the days that you’re looking to do just that, stick to a shadow just around your eyes, almost using it like an eyeliner, to soften the look of your typical eyeliner look.

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