What Makeup Should You Wear on Your Cheeks?


Blusher is often the product we overlook, or place less importance on than other makeup. If we had to choose one product, we'd probably pick mascara or lipstick. But blush really makes a difference to your face; if you apply it to one cheek and compare with the blush-free side, you'll see why you really need this product to give your face a lift. Here are the products you should wear on your cheeks …

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Becca Beach Tint

Becca Beach Tint Cheek tints are an ideal way to add color in the summer, when you may want a lighter product than normal. They give you a sheer layer of color and are often suitable for lips as well. That's perfect if you're travelling, as you'll save on space in your makeup bag! This tint comes in several different shades, so there'll be one to suit your complexion.


Benefit CORALista

Benefit CORALista If you love quirky packaging, then this product's the one for you. It only comes in one shade, but that should suit lots of skin tones. It's a lovely coral pink that comes with a gorgeous little brush, so is handy when you're on the move. And the leopard-print packaging is adorable!


Two Faced

Two Faced Two Faced also has covetable packaging that will make making up a pleasure! This blush trio comes in a cute heart-shaped tin. There are three different combinations to choose from, and each has three colors that you can mix and match to get the perfect tone for your skin. Or you can apply one singly if you prefer.



NARS NARS Orgasm is loved by just about every beauty expert, and many women find it the best blush possible. But if this shimmery peachy shade isn't your thing, there are plenty of others to choose from. It may be expensive, but as with many makeup products you do get what you pay for - and if you love it as much as everyone else then it's a worthwhile investment.


Perricone MD

Perricone MD I think this might be the product for me! Dr Perricone is the dermatologist to the stars, and has now brought his skincare expertise into this makeup range. If you're not quite so young, and you're looking for makeup that combats the signs of aging, you'll need a product like this to make your skin look more youthful. Of course you don't need to be more mature to use it!


Josie Maran

Josie Maran Here's another product that's excellent for carrying around in your makeup bag. Because it comes in a tube, you won't need a blusher brush; simply dot it onto your cheeks and blend. What's more, it also includes the latest wonder ingredient, argan oil. It's only a shame that it doesn't come in more colors.


Guerlain Blush Pearls

Guerlain Blush Pearls Blush pearls are a good way to get a hint of color, as you'll be able to control the amount of color on the brush. They usually have a mix of shades so that you can get a more natural look. If you can't afford this budget-busting product then you'll be able to find a more wallet-friendly version.

There are lots of fabulous blushers out there, so you're sure to find one that makes you look gorgeous! What is your absolute must-have product?

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The stuff is wwaaaaayyyyy too pricey for me to purchase...

Blusher is my fave makeup product I love it

The Guerlain Pearls look BEAUTIFUL

I like the pearls too, & the one that looks like lip gloss is a newbie to me.

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