What Makeup Should You Wear on Your Cheeks?

Blusher is often the product we overlook, or place less importance on than other makeup. If we had to choose one product, we'd probably pick mascara or lipstick. But blush really makes a difference to your face; if you apply it to one cheek and compare with the blush-free side, you'll see why you really need this product to give your face a lift. Here are the products you should wear on your cheeks …

1. Becca Beach Tint

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Cheek tints are an ideal way to add color in the summer, when you may want a lighter product than normal. They give you a sheer layer of color and are often suitable for lips as well. That's perfect if you're travelling, as you'll save on space in your makeup bag! This tint comes in several different shades, so there'll be one to suit your complexion.

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