Life Saving Makeup Tips for Anyone with Acne ...

Makeup is a struggle when you have acne. If you do have acne, I think that that’s probably one of the most obvious statements you’ve ever read. Whether you’re trying to hide your acne with makeup or you simply want to try to eliminate it altogether, this list will give you the best tips and tricks for doing both. Acne and makeup will be two issues of the past for you after you follow this list of tips and tricks!

1. Skip the Makeup when You Can

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A lot of people with acne immediately worry about covering their acne up rather than solving the issue altogether. You can cover up your acne, but you should also work towards getting rid of it. On the days that you don’t need to wear makeup, like on days that you’re not leaving the house or just running a few errands, skip the makeup. Your skin will thank you.

2. Find the Perfect Face Mask for Your off-Days

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On the days that you’re not wearing makeup, find a facemask that your skin will absolutely love. You know what your skin needs the most, so find something that tailors to your skin’s needs. It will help your skin feel immensely better!

3. Incorporate Your Medicine into Your Makeup Routine

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If you can, put a layer of some type of medicine before you put your makeup on. I’ve always noticed a great difference when I have a particularly bad flare-up. I use one that not only medicates, but also takes the redness out, making it easier to cover up my problem areas. They also make a ton of makeup that has the medicine already in the makeup, which is an absolute lifesaver!

4. Watch Beauty Gurus

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If there’s one thing that a lot of beauty gurus have in common, it’s not the best skin. That’s not necessarily a bad thing! I always think it’s what makes them so good at YouTube; they’ve had to learn the best makeup tips and tricks! If you’re looking for good tips and tricks to covering up your acne, beauty gurus on YouTube are definitely the way to go!

5. Make Sure Your Makeup Matches Your Skin

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One of the biggest issues when it comes to wearing makeup, especially when you have acne, is wearing a shade that doesn’t match your skin. If you have acne and your makeup doesn’t match your skin, it’s just going to make your problem areas stand out more.

6. Go Matte

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If you have oily skin, you must invest in matte makeup. Makeup that promises glow or something similar is not ideal when you have oily skin. Instead, a matte makeup will tone down the glow but let your natural glow shine through as well!

7. Wear a Bold Lip

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Isn’t it amazing what a bold lip can do? It hides so many issues and distracts so many eyes! If you think that your acne issues are just too big to cover today, try wearing a bold lipstick to draw people’s eyes towards your lips instead of your acne!

What are your tips and tricks for wearing makeup when you have acne? What tips do you think could help other girls? Let me know what you swear by in the comments and help other girls who are struggling with acne in the comments!

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