7 Eye Makeup Tips for Your Eye Color ...


Choosing the right makeup for your eye color is hard isn't it?

This is especially true because there are so many different eye colors out there.

I've got all of the tips and tricks though so you can find the right makeup for your eye color easily!

So, whether you've got green eyes, brown eyes, blue eyes or dark eyes, I've got the right makeup for your eye color right here

1. Taupey Purple for Brown Eyes

Purple eyeshadow is fantastic if you have brown eyes.

Not only does it bring out all of the colors of brown, but purple actually enhances any color of brown that you have.

This is definitely one of the makeup tricks for your eye color that you should try!2

2. Dark Eyes, Wear Neutrals

If you have dark, dark eyes, one of the things that will bring them out is neutral colors.

If you wear a lot of light browns, beiges and even some light pinks and blues will bring out that color and really make those dark eyes pop!

I – actually love dark eyes and I think that you ladies are so lucky to have them!

Test out this makeup for your eye color and let me know how it turns out!

3. Plum & Burgundy for Green Eyes

I actually have green eyes and I gotta say, these work!

If you are like me and have green eyes, try out some burgundy eyeshadow or even some plum eyeliner.

It'll make a huge difference in just how green your eyes are and how much they pop!

4. Coppery & Warm Colors for Blue Eyes

Now, onto the blue eyes!

These eye colors should stick with some coppery and warm tones.

These colors will actually bring out the blue flecks in your eyes and really make the blue stand out.

This is truly one of the makeup tricks for your eye color to keep in your back pocket and try anytime!

Match Your Liner to the Eyeshadow
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