7 Great Make-up Tips for Ladies Undergoing Chemo ...


Whether you’ve just started chemo or you’re in the middle of a round, chances are, you’re worried about how the therapy will affect your looks, and how you can adjust your make-up routine to help.

Sweetie, I can help, or rather, my stylist and close friend, Toni, can help.

She’s a cancer survivor who somehow managed to stay looking gorgeous during her battle, and candidly shared some make-up tips for during chemo with me.2

Here are 7 great (and simple) make-up tips for chemo… and here’s to not needing them for long…

1. Prepare

The last thing you want to do is scramble during your weeks of chemo for the right eyeliner or a new make-up brush.

Gather all of the make-up items you’ll want and keep them on hand a week or so before you start chemo, so you’ll get used to using your new make-up, and so you can weed out anything you don’t like.

Toni suggests keeping everything in a gorgeous new make-up bag, a small treat that might cheer you up a little, even when new shoes won’t do the trick.

Hydrate First
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