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Even seasoned makeup users can be somewhat bewildered by the array of brushes for putting on eye makeup when standing in the beauty aisles.

You might want to try a smoky eye but have no idea which brushes do what.2

You may only use one style of applicator brush for your eyeshadows but are sure that with different brushes, you could make a big impact on your looks.

Or you may be completely new to makeup and don’t know where to start.2

Here’s the lowdown on all the types of eye makeup brushes:

1. The Fluff Brush

The Fluff Brush

An all-purpose brush for packing on color all over the lid, blending and highlighting under brow and face.

They come in different sizes: The smallest are good for strategic placement of shadow;

use medium sized fluff brushes for placing shadow across the eye;

and the largest brushes work well for putting shadow on the brow bone as a highlight.

You can use this brush to pat on a higher concentration of shadow or for a sweep of lighter color.

2. The Angled Shadow Brush

The Angled Shadow Brush

This is essentially a fluff brush with an angle.

The angle gives you more versatility and bit more control.

You can use it to sweep shadow in the same way as a regular fluff brush but the angled tip makes it great for getting the right amount of shadow into the eye crease.

You also need an angled brush for getting dark shows in your outer β€œV”.

3. The Blending Brush

The Blending Brush

If you don’t blend, your carefully chosen palette of shades could end up like streaks of color.

To avoid harsh lines where shades meet, you need a blending brush.

4. The Smudge Brush

The Smudge Brush

Looking like a stunted fluff brush, the smudger is definitely needed for creating a smoky eye.

The shorter, denser bristles are designed to be less flexible than a fluffer so you get a better smudge.

It can also be useful for softening harsh eyeliner, for applying a darker shade of shadow in your eye crease or to your outer contour area.

The Pencil Brush
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